It is interesting to see how some businesses show more faith in analog telephone networks instead of VoIP networks. Although there are only a handful of such cases serving in a business environment, various reasons are responsible for it. it is possible that they used the technology a while ago and discontinued it after getting disappointed with its voice quality. And so they went back to using the old phone systems.

The old versions had their quality issues. Today’s VoIP technology is much more efficient than ever. The background noise and garbled words could be a possible result of low bandwidth network connections.

Although there are several reasons for the problem, here are some of the effective ways to improve VoIP sound quality.

4 Effective Ways to Improve VoIP Call Quality

1. Increase your Internet Speed

A common problem with most business organizations is that they overlook the need for enhancement in their service approach. The internet speed, which was enough to take the load of the calls a few years back, may be inadequate to cater to current business requirements. As a business grows, so do its clients and customer base.

Although the internet may not always be the cause of degrading voice quality, often it hinders the flow of sound packets. As big business data networks carry a high volume of data, no wonder why the call quality degrades over time. It is the existing internet connection. It is unable to bear the burden of extra demand.

Another reason is your Internet Service Provider. If you’re not getting the speed that you were promised, it would be best to change your ISP.

2. Try to Reduce the Network Load at Peak Hours

As a result of the ever-increasing demand of a growing business, it becomes a necessity for a company for upgrading its software distribution model. For the seamless running of a business process, network obstruction is a significant issue.

Now, if the sound quality of the voice is good other than the peak hours, upgrading the Internet speed may not be an effective solution.

Transferring some of the load to non-peak hours is a viable solution to improve voice quality. Moreover, you can run heavy tasks such as file syncing and backups at night. It will allow more space for voice congestion in the morning and peak hours and offers the best VoIP service in North Hollywood and other areas.

3. Enhance Your Quality of Service

A QoS (Quality of Service) setting plays an essential role in affecting the quality of voice calls. A correct setting is necessary to ensure that network hardware gives the same priority to voice calls as other forms of traffic.

Moreover, QoS settings are not even configured at the time of setup. The best VoIP service in North Hollywood ensures that QoS settings are well configured to prevent voice disruption on VoIP calls.

Voice messages are offered in the form of a data packet when transferred through an IP. As most routers tend to use FIFO (First in First Out), without QoS, voice packets will not be given priority. It may lead to missed voice packets. Without configuring QoS settings, voice packets won’t be identified and pushed to the front of the queue.

4. Assess the Network Settings Thoroughly

Often, the reason for the disruption of voice quality lies beyond the concept of internet speed. No matter what bandwidth you use to enhance your communication, jitter and latency can affect voice quality.

Latency is the delay before the transfer of voice packets starts to post the signal for its transmission. The latency of 20 milliseconds is considered to be normal for VoIP calls. While latency of 150 milliseconds is barely noticeable, anything higher than that diminishes the quality of the call.

Similarly, jitter can be defined as the variation in time delay across various data packets. The voice packets are meant to flow in the form of a continuous stream from source to destination. If the voice packets don’t arrive at the destination in the same way as the source, it affects its quality.

Although QoS settings take care of the problem to some extent, you can use Multi-Protocol Label Switching and policy-based network management.

Moreover, you can also use a jitter buffer to locate the source of the jitter and eliminate it.

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