VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is an innovative and robust phone system solution for businesses of any kind. Whether you have a small business, home office, or a large enterprise, this will fulfill all your business needs. VoIP packages are flexible, affordable, and contain lots of features.


You can also use it to train your employees; business VoIP has numerous useful features than can coach existing employees and on-boarding employees about a productive and easy process.

6 Ways to Train Your Employees on VoIP Phone System

1. Barge, Whisper, and Call Monitoring

A barge is a technical feature that allows you to enter a conversation between two users. This calling feature allows the manager or admin to take over a call if they got a better answer to the question, or know a better insight. This calling is different than conference calling or three-way call, but it’s beneficial on the sales calls.

The whisper calling feature is perfect to coach existing and new employees on calls. It is a modest way for an administrator or manager to help their employees to gain better confidence on a phone line.

Eventually, Whisper and Barge are combined with the Call Monitoring feature. The function of call monitoring allows the user to listen to an ongoing call, along with Barge and Whisper functions. It is beneficial to improve performance and call productivity.

2. Call Recording

This calling feature allows you to save and record calls for future use. These recorded calls come in handy for training purposes and new hires. You can let the new employees listen to the calls made by your top-performing employees; it is quite beneficial when you are assessing or reviewing an employee’s performance.

Select those VoIP service providers that provide you with a specific amount of space for call recording. Many service providers can charge you a monthly fee for call recording. Search online for “best VoIP service Sherman Oaks,” and compare each to find the best service provider for your business.

3. Call Analytics

In a business, it is essential to know how your employees are performing over the phone, and a VoIP system can help you to see the performance with call analytics. This feature can help you to track phone leads, call times, and more to access revenue and sales.

By accessing these features, you can quickly determine your weak points. You can maintain a regular check on your employees. It can help you to perform necessary corrections to maintain an efficient and productive workforce and address the issues in real-time.

4. Voicemail Management

Voicemail is one of the essential tools for businesses to interact with outside parties and customers. Your employees must showcase a professional greeting and respond to important messages immediately. Always make sure that you can save important messages, customize your welcome, and delete useless messages.

It would help if you asked for instructions to access all the features of your voicemail, including, calling from a cell phone when you are away from your desk or out of the office.

Many VoIP service providers offer a voicemail-to-email function, in which you can automatically receive notifications and transcribed messages on your office phone.

5. Conference Calls

In a VoIP phone system, you can have many options to select from like a conference bridge, three-way calling, and video conferencing. It is essential to know whether a security PIN is required to enter a conversation or join a call, and specific features of your conference bridge, like screen sharing capabilities or admin controls.

The VoIP phone systems can offer significant benefits to you and your business and are incredibly reliable. Take your time and understand each feature carefully and see a positive impact on your work.

6. Call Handling Features

The most common issue found when someone installs a new phone system is the knowledge required to transfer the calls. It is a device-specific function, so ask about a particular phone. Learn how to do an “attended transfer” and “blind transfer”.

Many VoIP services provide a function called “Busy Lamp Field,” in which you can quickly see whether your employee is occupied before transferring or dialing to their extension.

You should explore every available feature such as mute, hold, caller ID, do not disturb (DND), speed dial, and call forwarding. All of these features will help you to work smart.

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