The number of companies that opted for Voice over Internet Protocol instead of regular phone services grows every year. That’s especially true for IT firms, with over 50% of the leading software development companies in the US abandoning on-premise communication tools altogether. However, some companies are still struggling to migrate to VoIP telephony. Is your organization also hesitant to make a change for the better? If so, then keep reading. NetFusion will help you make the right choice and pick the best VoIP service in Vienna for your company.

Best VoIP Service Vienna

Defining VoIP Service

So, what is a VoIP service?

Essentially, Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as IP telephony, is a type of communication that ditches standard phone lines and uses the Internet to transmit audio and video. While regular phone service connects users via an analog signal through Public Switched Telephone Network, VoIP uses the World Wide Web to send and receive digital signals.

What this means is that the best VoIP providers in Vienna or any other part of Virginia offer better quality and more features for a much lesser price. It makes these services incredibly tempting for large, small, and medium-sized businesses all over the world. What kind of price difference are we talking about?

VoIP and Phone Services: difference in price 

Many organizations rely on telecommunications as an integral part of their business. That’s why using the Internet instead of phone lines makes a huge difference for firms with a vast number of employees.

Statistically speaking, companies in the US that use VoIP telephony manage to cut up to 40% of costs on local calls, as well as over 90% on international ones. Overall, it adds up to 30% of savings on phone bills. Therefore, if your organization tends to work with clients from overseas, with the best VoIP service providers in Vienna, you’ll cut a substantial number of operational costs. For example, NetFusion provides innovative and cost-effective IT telephony solutions for outsourcing companies and offshore-focused businesses in Vienna.

Implementing a Business VoIP system 

What about implementing a VoIP infrastructure at your office? The pricing of a VoIP system differs greatly based on the vendor. Typically, setting up an IP telephony at your company can cost from $200 to $1500. Many factors shape the price, including your pre-existing infrastructure (on-premise or cloud-based), its compatibility with the provider’s VoIP equipment, and the number of employees and phone devices at your company.

There are, however, some IT organizations that can assess your system and make necessary adjustments to provide the best possible VoIP solutions in Vienna. For example, at NetFusion, we research our client’s IT environment to deliver services that suit their business the most for a reasonable price.

Advantages of VoIP Services

Let’s look at some of the benefits that huge enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, can get out of this service.

  • Cost-efficiency. Although we talked about how IP telephony leads to a lower cost-per-call, it’s important to note that with some Voice over Internet providers, you can speak for free. Applications like Skype, Slack, and Discord allow their users to speak without any fees for an unlimited amount of time. However, services like that won’t be as effective for larger organizations.
  • Mobility. Many of the best VoIP services in Virginia offer mobile application versions of their services. Back in 2017, there were over 1 billion mobile VoIP users in the world, and that figure is predicted to grow three times by the end of 2021.
  • Reliability. With most providers, you’ll have access to IP telephony as long as you have a stable Internet connection. However, the best VoIP service providers in Vienna, like we at NetFusion, offer strategic solutions for the times when your connection goes down. For example, with the call-forwarding feature, in case you don’t have access to the Internet, all incoming and outgoing calls are processed through another device.
  • Easy conferencing. VoIP makes it incredibly straightforward to host audio or video meetups with an unlimited number of participants from all over the world.
  • Features. Aside from simple audio and video calls, Voice over Internet providers in Vienna offers a variety of additional functions. Some of the features that the best VoIP services in Vienna can provide include call forwarding and conferences, which we mentioned above. There are also services like call recording, auto-reception, voicemail, multi-level IVR, simultaneous call handling, and many more.

Migrating to VoIP 

Nowadays, VoIP has become a standard for business communications, and companies who don’t opt for it are merely holding themselves back. Over the last decade, Voice over Internet Protocol providers helped small and medium-sized businesses improve call management, as well as improve the productivity of SMBs by a significant margin.

NetFusion: Best VoIP Service Vienna

At NetFusion, we offer companies in Virginia and Washington custom-crafted IT solutions since 2003. With us as your IT partner, you can be sure that you get the best VoIP service in Vienna and constant 24/7 support.

If you want to improve your communications and enhance your IT environment, you can contact us today! NetFusion is going to make sure your business runs with the most innovative tech at peak performance!

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