If you chose the first web host service provider, you went to; you are more likely to move to a new web hosting service provider. A thorough examination of web host services, customer reviews, and hosting packages is essential before selecting a web host.

Whether it’s frequent breakdowns, minimal storage, or poor customer support, the reasons could be endless. While it might look like an overwhelming process to many, it is not!

You need to take care of all the essential aspects of a web hosting service provider. Read on to know about the things to ensure before and after your shift to a different web host.

4 Things You Should Do Before Selecting a New Web Hosting Services

  1. Operating System

Whether it’s Linux or Windows unless you have an excellent reason to change the OS, stick to the previous one. It makes your transition a bit hassle-free. If you are still changing your OS, make sure that your new web host is providing you with the option.

Moreover, your website may need a database such as MySQL or Microsoft Access. While MySQL is well-suited for Windows and Linux, Access only works with Windows.

  1. Bandwidth and Disk Space

Bandwidth and disk space influence the loading speed of your website and data storage space. You must check if your new web host offers the same bandwidth at a higher or lower price. If it’s higher, you must do a cost-benefit analysis.

  1. Uptime

The fact that uptime can annoy your visitors and customers can also cause you huge losses. Avoid a web host that claims to offer 100% uptime. The best web host service provider in Culver City or any other area doesn’t make such false claims.

As it’s an unlikely scenario, you must verify the claims even if you want to go with it. Make sure that they don’t check the scheduled maintenance during peak hours. If they do, avoid them as it may result in considerable losses in traffic and returns to your website.

  1. Customer Service

The best web host service provider in Culver City offers 24/7 customer support. It would be best if they provided phone support, SMS, and live support. As in downtimes, if one mode of communication doesn’t work, you should have the superiority of convenience.

Make sure you test their customer support at odd hours to get a taste of their customer support proficiency.

7 Things You Need To Do After Moving To a New Web Hosting Services

  1. Backup your Website

The risk of loss of data and files is always there when you switch to a new web hosting service provider. It includes your valuable HTML files, images, applications, scripts, and other essential assets of your website. You can use a File Transfer Protocol to download all the files or save them on a portable hard disk or computer.

  1. Configure Email

If you don’t configure the email, it may lead to a potential failure of email services. You must check the configuration of the email post on the web host switch.

  1. DNS Change

Until you submit the updated DNS to your new service provider, the switch won’t be considered complete. Though you might get a temporary IP address to check if the website works or not. You can contact your domain name registrar to ensure that it is successfully updated.

  1. Check All the Internal links

Use link-checking tools to ensure that all the internal links work as they did before the switch. You can refer to the log files to check errors and troubleshoot them.

  1. Test New Website

After you have checked everything, it’s time to test if the web host switch is worth it or not. Ensure that the look and feel of the website are the same as before. Moreover, you must ensure that all the web features, including forms, plug-ins, and apps, work perfectly.

  1. Disable your old website

Once the transition is done, you must close your previous account with your former web hosting service provider. It would be best if you keep the account alive for at least a week as a backup of the transition.

  1. Let your visitors know of the transition

You need to let your visitors know of the transition as your website might be facing downtime. Not only will it give a good impression of your website, but also increase its credibility.

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