No one is going to argue that it’s hard to develop and maintain a robust online presence in 2022. Right now, at this very moment, over 1.6 billion sites are operational online. Still, even if the Internet is oversaturated with content, every organization needs to have a website. It’s especially important to have a reliable platform for SMBs in Virginia if they want to have a competitive edge. But how do you find the best web hosting service in Reston in 2022 when there are over 5000 providers in North America alone?

In this post, NetFusion is going to tell you about the importance of web hosting and introduce you to the best Web hosting packages for large, small, and medium-sized businesses in Virginia.

What is a Web Hosting Service? How important is an online presence for businesses?

Just as your company’s headquarters need a physical space, your website needs a virtual spot to be accessible over the Internet. And that’s where web hosting service providers come into the picture.

Even after you’re done designing your website, it still won’t be available to the public. All those lines of HTML code and content that make up your site take up space. Hosting vendors are like landlords of the Web that rent out space for your online platform.

Why do we at NetFusion think that absolutely every company in Reston needs a website nowadays? The answer is easy.

Best Web Hosting Services in Reston

Nowadays, people tend to discover new information not through word of mouth, but via the World Wide Web. Over 60% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. When do you think people browse the Web? For the most part, it’s when they want to find a cozy place to spend an evening or to find the best café in town.

It’s not just eCommerce or Retail agencies that benefit from having a web presence. We can’t picture an organization that won’t gain from having a website. Do you want to be competitive in 2022? An online presence is an absolute must.

However, you can’t just slap together a platform and pick up cheap website hosting if you want to build a good reputation. That’s why NetFusion picked up some of the best web hosting services Reston-based companies can benefit from the most.

Top 4 Best Web Hosting Services in Reston for Companies in 2022

If you type “best web hosting” into the search engine, the results will probably overwhelm you. It’s understandable because, as of now, there are over 330,000 web hosting vendors available worldwide. At the same time, North America remains the largest pool of hosting providers on the planet.

To achieve maximum efficiency for a reasonable cost, NetFusion picked up web hosting providers that are proven to be a suitable choice for large enterprises and SMBs in Virginia. Let’s dive in!

1. GoDaddy

The go-to web hosting provider in the United States. If you want cheap website hosting with a free domain, this provider is the one to consider. GoDaddy is a mature and flexible company that offers good uptime, as well as unlimited storage, and a variety of extra features for an additional fee.

2. Bluehost

One of the leading web hosting giants that specialize in WordPress setup and offers basic site creation. Bluehost web hosting is famous for its price and excellent uptime, which ranks it quite highly among the most reliable vendors. However, Bluehost offers slightly limited disk space.  It’s not the best choice for larger organizations because it can struggle with surges in traffic.

3. HostGator

A robust WordPress-based web hosting service that offers flexible pricing plans and superb functionality. HostGator can host your platform on shared, virtual private, and dedicated servers, thus making it ideal for businesses of any size. The 24/7 customer support service they offer is also a nice touch.

4. NetFusion

NetFusion is an IT company and Managed Service vendor that works with SMBs and bigger enterprises all over Virginia and Washington. Since 2003, we managed to build a reputation as a reliable, dedicated, and professional IT partner. If you want, we could also build you a website from scratch or help to migrate your platform to our cloud servers.

NetFusion: Best Web Hosting Services in Reston

As we mentioned time and time again, every company should take its online presence with utmost seriousness. Over 2/3 of potential customers form impressions about your business just from how fast your site performs. To sum it up: you must reach for the best web hosting service Reston can offer if success is what you’re after.

NetFusion is always ready to assist SMBs in Reston and all over Virginia with web hosting solutions. Are you ready to receive a custom-tailored approach for your future website? Then drop us a line today!

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