Today, you need to be more careful when it comes to the security of your data. Attacks can happen anytime, and websites of all sizes and scopes are being targeted. If you own a dedicated server, you are already in terms of better security, than you would be with other types of hosting. Still, there are some security measures you should take to secure your dedicated server from different attacks.

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6 Ways to Secure Your Dedicated Server

1. Install every update regularly

This is a necessary step that is commonly forgotten or overlooked, which then leaves servers disposed and vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Cybercriminals and hackers know about each software update release, and they thoroughly scan the websites looking for any vulnerability to exploit.

The most exploited area of website vulnerabilities is outdated software. It is essential to keep track of your updates for the overall dedicated server security. While you are updating the software, you should also install and check the newly released security patches.

Never save or delay any update for the next date. By doing this, you are leaving an opportunity for a hacker to own and pounce your server. You should opt for a managed server from your web hosting service provider if you find this procedure too much to handle. To find a reliable service provider, search online about “best web hosting services Sherman Oaks,” and you will find many results near your area.

2. Only Install Software that you need

You should only install the software that you will require to operate your server and, by extension, your website. Leaving software installed on your server, which isn’t updated, frequently used, or not necessary, is one of those open windows, inviting the hackers to come and hack your server and start an attack.

3. Back Up Your Data Regularly

Anything can go wrong at any point, and you can also lose all of your data in seconds due to a technical malfunction or, worse, a cyber-attack. Various companies have been security breached by hackers and lost all their essential data.

These people have outsmarted all the security measures on your website. In this event, you should have a complete backup of your company files, and the entire website, and save all your crucial data in a backup cloud service.

This ensures a quick restoration of lost or spammed website data while letting you reinforce the vulnerable areas. Having your site offline and experiencing prolonged downtime can affect your business and its reputation in a negative way.

Back-up is as much as a security measure, so make it a priority because you don’t want to lose all your essential data with no recovery copy.

4. Always use Trusted Networks

It is another essential security measure in which you should change the login credentials of your website and use secure networks when logging into a dedicated hosting service.

If there are security weaknesses, the local network that your computer connects to can be a susceptible security point. Anyone in your company can create a risk by logging into a server from a public network. So, you should create such procedures that require a single, trusted, and secured system for server logins.

You should be extra careful and decide who has access to the server and change the login credentials regularly for an extra layer of security.

5. Get the Right Protection

The main priority is security, so you need to choose wisely when considering security software for the dedicated hosting service. You should take advice from your web hosting provider and choose that server type, which can offer you some built-in protection.

Before choosing a plan, always check the security features available to you as an add-on service from your web host. Always go with the best and the most reliable options.

6. Secure and Maintain Databases

The database is storage where sensitive financial customer information is stored, and this is the point most exploited by cybercriminals. In this event, your database should be on top priority when talking about security.

Always keep your database user privilege to a minimum, restrict the areas of interactions, and delete all unnecessary data. Various database administrative tools on the internet can help you to secure your website.

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