If your website is taking too long to respond or loads slower, then you are reducing your income and sales with your own hands. Compelling content and the faster loading speed of the website are the keys to higher sales and conversion. The time taken by a web page to become visible on the screen after being requested by a web browser is considered the speed of your website.

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The latest report states that the good loading speed of the website has a significant impact on web traffic. It is essential to have good speed on the site because you can lose your potential customers with a slow website.

Slow Website reflects low revenue

Usually, a slow website has a high bounce rate, resulting in poor sales. It has been proved that the average visitor will close your site if it is not accessible in 3 to 5 seconds. Slow websites are not the only reason that can decrease your sales, but frustrated visitors can also develop a negative perception of your company.

Why is website speed critical?

By improving the speed of the website, many companies have increased their revenues and higher sales. Popular search engines like Google maintain a record of the speed of a website by determining the ranking of any other site. It also determines some other specifications based on organic ranking. You can easily find various tools online that can help you to check the speed of your website.

It has been proved that by increasing the speed of your website by a single second, you can increase your website’s conversion rate. There are many websites like yahoo, Amazon, etc. that have experienced a significant boost in their business by increasing the load speed of their web pages up to 3 seconds.

How much is loading speed efficient for your website?

According to the survey, your website should have less than 3 seconds of loading time, and if it takes less than 6 seconds to become accessible then it is considered a good loading time for your website, but if it takes more than 9 seconds to load then you might lose the conversion rate and also the ranking. A slow website will always generate fewer sales.

You can take the help of tools available online to improve the performance of your website as well as the loading speed. Suggestions are also provided for performance improvement, and you can take help from there and optimize your website for good loading speed. Selecting a powerful web hosting server is one more solution to run your websites and applications quickly.

You should also hire a professional web hosting service provider to prevent such situations. If you are facing trouble finding a service provider, you can search online for ‘best web hosting services West Los Angeles,’ to find a professional web host for your business.

3 Advantages of Dedicated Hosting for a Faster Website

1. Faster Loading Speed

Dedicated web servers are very sturdy and robust, and they are configured and designed especially for hosting websites at high speed because a dedicated server offers an infrastructure that is reliable and gives complete control to the user as compared to other web hosting services. Dedicated servers increase the loading speed of your website, and allow your website to run at a faster rate.

2. Improvement in Web Security

It is one of the essential advantages to choose dedicated hosting for your website. You can fully secure your website with the best safety measures and security. Poorly secured sites give easy access to hackers to break into any website.

3. Easily control High Web Traffic

A popular website can experience a sudden increase in web traffic; sometimes, in this situation, you can easily handle massive web traffic without slowing down by using a dedicated server. When you have a powerful server and optimized website, then you can easily manage huge web traffic on your site efficiently and effectively.

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