Business continuity planning prepares an organization for a disaster and helps to ensure that it will survive. Natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and human error can all create circumstances in which key services are disrupted. The business as a whole should be considered as part of a good business continuity plan. An essential component of business resilience is data backup and disaster recovery. Company data and IT infrastructure are of utmost importance and will be protected with on-site plus virtual servers. Below are three reasons business continuity planning that protects data is essential.

Business Continuity Planning

1) The Threat of Disaster is Real

IT disasters don’t happen only because of major weather events. Major problems can occur as a result of a ransomware attack, computer hardware issues, insufficient cybersecurity protocol, or the intentional or accidental actions of an employee. Logging in on public Wi-Fi, for example, increases the chances of a data breach. Business continuity planning is important because threats are continuously looming.

2) The Effects of Downtime

When a company’s IT infrastructure goes down, the effects are often devastating. Customers are unable to access applications and data. Revenue and productivity both suffer. A good business continuity plan will have determined the impact of downtime as well as how long it takes for the negative effects to do irreparable damage. Then plans should be put in place to minimize downtime and avoid a complete disaster.

3) On-Site Backup is Insufficient

What if a disaster takes out a company’s primary and backup servers? This possibility of this type of scenario will be part of any complete business continuity plan. It is essential to take advantage of the cloud or at least have a separate location for backup, to prevent a total loss of IT infrastructure and data after a disaster has occurred. Managed service providers (MSPs) have become invaluable to small businesses because of the data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning assistance they provide.

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