Investing your money in a cloud backup service is one of the best decisions any company can make. Backing up data can easily bear some of the unfortunate events like a natural disaster, employee theft, or hardware failure.

In cloud data backup, your data is stored on an off-site server, which makes it available every time you need it. The data stored is frequently updated or synced, mirroring your system in real-time. Cloud backup is not only disaster-proof for your business, but it can also save you money and a lot of time in restoring your operations.

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9 Things You Should Look at While Selecting a Cloud Backup Service Provider

1. Storage

Most Cloud backup service providers offer storage from 1 GB to unlimited space, providing your business with a broad range of choices based on your requirements. The amount of space offered depends upon the service costs, so it’s good to decide how much space is required by your business so that you can stay within the budget.

2. Scalability

It is not always easy to determine exactly how much your business requires cloud data storage. There are numerous factors which must be considered, like the number of computers and employees, the type and volume of data of your business. You must find a service that offers agility and scalability so that your cloud backup plan grows automatically as your business grows.

There is no need to opt for unlimited space, look for a reliable service that offers flexible solutions and can quickly fulfill your business needs.

3. Uptime

The main purpose of cloud backup is to make sure that your data is accessible anytime you need it. A service provider’s uptime is based on its tier; in tier 1, it offers 99.67 percent of availability, and tier 4 provides 99.99 percent of availability. The differences in the percentages seem insignificant; technology is a place that matters. Higher levels offer significant features like redundancy and industry equipment to secure the data.

Tier 1 services are for the server rooms that host the data backups. In contrast, tier 4 provides advanced features like temperature control to minimize the chances of downtime and ensure an increased level of accessibility.

4. Disaster Recovery

Service providers make all the uptime guarantees at the time of purchase. Still, the reality is that unfortunate events like natural disasters, and cyberattacks can permanently shut down your servers and make your data inaccessible.

As you know, downtime is not always preventable, so it’s essential to make sure that the cloud backup service you choose offers an efficient and effective disaster recovery solution to get you back online.

5. Backup Frequency

You will always want the latest versions to get backed up if you are updating information and working on files all day. Thus, you need to know the backup frequency at which your data is stored on the cloud.

Not all service providers offer the same services, some services automatically backup your files to make specific changes, while some services offer daily, hourly, and monthly fixed backup frequencies.

6. Security

Security is the main thing you should look for in a cloud backup service because hackers are increasing rapidly, so you should ask your service provider how your data is protected.

Some important things you should look for include 256-bit encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and off-site and local data storage.

To find a service provider that can provide you with the highest level of security, you can search online about “Business data backup Culver City”.

7. Compliance

For small businesses, your client’s privacy should be your top priority. The cloud backup service provider you choose should provide you with the highest level of protection, to secure all your essential information.

8. Terms and Conditions

Always make sure that you read and thoroughly understand the terms of services your service provider is offering, to any unusual surprise down the road. Ask for contract terms, service limits, and a vendor lock-in system.

9. Support

While using a cloud data backup service, your business’s operational foundation is in the hands of a third-party service provider. So you will always need backup technical support if anything goes wrong. Some service providers offer excellent technical support, while others might not. So you should select a provider that can be contacted via different means like phone, chat, email, and even social media.

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