Data is necessary for running a business, and it is one of the essential components of any business continuity plan. Without constant and immediate access to your data, your business might face a grinding halt. Or worse, in the case of a natural calamity, you might risk losing your valuable data, if there is no effective backup strategy in place.

Backing up the data should be your top priority, so below are some methods that can help you to protect your data from any specific damage.

There is no full-proof solution when we talk about data backups. So it would help if you considered the advantages and disadvantages of each backup solution before making a purchase.

4 Types of Business Data Backup Methods

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1. USB Stick or Drive

USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drives are primarily the mini hard discs that you attach to your PC using a USB port. These flash drives are incredibly cheap, and the price depends upon their storage capacity. They are entirely portable and are used to back up essential information from different computers to the same drive.

However, USB drives are highly convenient, but still, it is not a complete backup solution. It is best suited for moderate backups, such as recovery programs, storing files, or critical business documents.

2. External Hard Disk

An external hard disk is ideal to use for backup storage media. The cost per gigabyte is the lowest as compared to the other devices in the market. External hard disks offer a plug-and-play functionality just as USB drives,so you can connect the drive directly to your device and instantly start selecting the files you need to backup. You can easily backup a large amount of data in seconds, as the transfer rate is also speedy.

One of the significant drawbacks of using this drive is that you will need to run the backups regularly, otherwise, newly modified files won’t be added. There is always the risk of the device being misused or stolen. For example, anyone can obtain the drive in your absence and can copy all the critical information about your business and take it along while quitting.

3. Network Attached Storage

NAS is the short form of Network-attached storage; it is a dedicated device with its IP address. It can be used as a multimedia server and can function as a lightweight database server or an email.

It offers adequate data redundancy, which means it will automatically create a backup of your previous backups and ensures that all your data and files are fully protected.

One of the significant drawbacks of the network-attached storage is its inability to scale beyond the limitations of the system or device. In this case, you need to purchase an additional hard disk to gain more storage and capacity. If you are implementing network-attached storage, then you also have to take full responsibility for data security.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is gaining more and more attention among several businesses of different sizes. This is because it offers several benefits, such as enabling you to work with the most current hardware and up-to-date software, as well as allowing the users to access the data anywhere on their smartphone devices.

It is very affordable because you only have to pay for the amount of storage you use. Cloud computing is also very convenient, as your cloud backup service provider will take care of the management, installation, and maintenance processes.

Talking about the drawbacks, some cloud backup service providers don’t provide adequate security measures on their systems, so there is a risk that your data might be exposed to potential cybersecurity threats. It means that this is not always a perfect backup solution for the companies that are dealing with sensitive data, such as law firms and medical practices.

If your business is growing rapidly, then predicting costs can also be hard, you might find out that you didn’t plan adequately for the incremental costs.

It is a critical decision to select the best system and service provider for backup because that will impact your business daily. You can also search online about ‘business data backup North Hollywood,’ to find the best data backup service provider near your locality.

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