Archives and backups serve different features, but these are the commonly used terms in cloud storage. You should understand the difference between these two and make sure that your data storage technique meets your business requirements. The main questions that the clients ask about data storage is that, is the data secured from any loss or unauthorised access, or am I able to restore or retrieve the data when required?

Backup is mainly used for recovery from recent data corruption or hardware failure or loss. On the other hand, the archive is used for long term retention and Space management.

What do you mean an Archive?

An Archive is a copy of data made for long term reference and storage. You may or may not delete the original data from the source system after creating and storing the archive copy, but, commonly, the archive might be the only copy of data.

The main purpose of backup is to restore a file into the system in that particular state it existed previously. But an archive offers several services; it can help you to maintain a permanent record of legal documents, correspondence, essential papers, and other matters. Most of the businesses use an archive to meet all information retention requirements. You can easily retain files from the archive like business practice, financial transaction, contract, or employee record.

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The archive is mainly used to ease the burden from the faster and most frequently accessed data storage systems. Archival storage systems are usually cost-effective, and you can easily save money on data storage. You can store older data on such systems, that don’t require high speed and accessibility but contain data which is still in use.

Archives are created depending upon the age of the data, whether the data or project is still active. An archiving software automatically sends the data to a file if it hasn’t been used in a while, or if the individual is no longer with the organization, or when it has reached a certain age, or if the files are marked for storage.

You can also create archives using the metadata. An archiving software automatically adds the relevant metadata, which a user can tag manually to aid in future restoration. AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used to catalogue and identify subject matter such as videos and photos and makes it easier for you to find the file on a later date.

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What is a Backup?

Backup is generally a copy of your data, which is created to protect against the loss of that particular data. Usually, backups are made regularly based on a specific schedule, or when some modification is done to the original data. The original data is never deleted, but some older backups are removed to create some space for the newer ones.

Servers, VMs, Desktop computers, and mobile devices are mainly backed up. Backups mainly include data, application and OS files, or a combination of both to fulfil the purpose. The main goal of backup is to generate a copy of anything which is currently in use and which you can’t lose at any cost.

A backup of a mobile device or a desktop may include the user data of the previous version of the file, which can be restored if required. On such devices, the applications and OS can quickly recover the data from the source if needed, but recovering from an OS to a new device can lead to significant corruption issues.

You can put back the VMDK files which contain both structure and unstructured data files into the service, if anything happens to the original data in a Hyper-V, VMware, or another virtual machine environment.

In the event of a Cyber-attack, a reliable backup strategy can allow you to restore the data from the system, and generate hopes of obtaining a decryption key to gain access to the files, which are no longer available because the attacker encrypted the entire system.

Backups have some new uses. A user can go to the backup and restore an older version of the file because it contains something important, or you want to share that particular file with an employee or another person.

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