Maintaining and Storing data is one of the essential jobs for any business from a small-scale provider to a large Multinational Company. Mostly, valuable data includes financial details, client details, stock and sale records, company documents, email communications, and other sensitive information. All this data must be protected to ensure the successful growth of the business.

If your company has not yet made the shift to cloud backup, choosing a reliable service provider can be a lot more confusing because most of them offer the same services that can benefit your business.

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This article will help you to compare different cloud backup services and choose the right service provider for your business.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Backup Service Provider

1. Privacy and Security

Security is one of the essential factors to consider when selecting a cloud backup service. Over 60 percent of companies state that they are concerned about safety when it comes to cloud services.

Using the traditional way to store your data on-site or on any physical media is not entirely secure because you can easily lose your data by any hardware failure, theft, flood, or fire. But you can easily access your data stored in the cloud from anywhere by anyone with the correct credentials, so it’s evident that the system is reliable and secure.

Not all cloud backup service providers offer the same data protection services. Ask your service provider, are providing the following security measures to make sure that your data is secure:

2. Two-Step Verification

There is only one-step verification in a traditional password login system; once you enter the correct password, you can quickly gain access to the data. But this system is only secure if only authorized persons have access to the password because the password can be easily cracked or discovered through hacking or other techniques.

The two-step verification offers an additional level of security, after the first step, a ‘one-time password’ is generated, which is required to attempt login each time.

3. Disabling the Login

If you find that your login credentials have been compromised, the simplest way to protect you is by deactivating your login. You can ask your service provider to disable the login, once you realize that your login credentials are not private anymore.

Some cloud backup service providers allow you to disable the login through your Google account. But if you still think that your Google ID is also not safe, then you can use an alternative way of login in to gain access to your account.

4. Data Encryption

All your data stored in the cloud back must be encrypted to secure the data during the transfer, in case of an attack. Several encryption methods can be used to protect the data, but not all service providers use such methods. Some service providers also use a combination of different encryption techniques.

If your service provider is sure about its encryption techniques, they will be transparent about the methods, uses, and other different things which are used in the encryption of your data. If you have any doubt about anything, you can ask your service provider to tell you more about the encryption process.

5. Integration with SaaS Software

Most of the cloud backup services depend upon your business and the way you work. You can use SaaS software within your business and know how compatible the cloud backup service is with these applications.

Just in case, if your company is regularly using Google Apps or G-suite for business, then you need to find the best “business data backup Studio City” that can perfectly integrate with G-Suite and other related applications. If you are using other services like Microsoft office 365, then you should find a cloud backup service that can integrate smoothly with such services.

6. Automation and Frequency of Backups

If your business is running fast, then the last thing you want to worry about is backing up your data. That is why cloud backup is so essential, as it reduces the stress of organizing and scheduling backups, and you can smoothly run it in the background. There is no need left to worry about running a backup.

Many cloud services are there that allow you to run a backup with a single click of a button. Still, not all service providers offer this automated service, so always make sure to select this feature to secure your data, while choosing a cloud service provider.

Traditional tape/ disk backups can be costly and time-consuming, so they usually will be operated once a week. In that case, your whole weeks’ worth of data can be lost without backup, if any natural disaster happens.

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