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We won’t tell you anything new if we say that there are plenty of ways to lose sensitive corporate data in 2020. Power surges, human error, malware attacks, and storage failure are some of the most popular ones. What you probably don’t know is how often SMBs suffer from data loss. Are you aware that SMBs that don’t have proper disaster recovery measures go out of business quite often after significant data loss?

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As managed services and business data backup providers for Virginia-based companies, NetFusion can show you how disaster recovery solutions can help or even save your organization. Additionally, we are going to tell you about the most reliable business data backup in Vienna. So, stay with us!

Why Data Backup is Important for Businesses?

Many firms don’t implement business data backup solutions from the get-go. Furthermore, 1/3 of smaller companies don’t even have a disaster recovery plan at hand. Why? Most likely, smaller firms in Vienna don’t believe that they would become a target for hackers. Maybe, they believe it’s not necessary for tinier businesses.

Right? Not. NetFusion doesn’t want you to have any illusions about the dangers of data loss. To find out why backup is important for businesses of any size, consider the following:

  • Smaller companies are not immune to malware and ransomware attacks. According to statistics, over 20% of SMBs become victims of hackers in the first year of their work. Furthermore, tinier businesses with less than 250 workers tend to be attacked in 31% of all cases.
  • Your company could not recover from critical data loss. Companies in Vienna without business data backup solutions can shut down after significant information corruption. Why? As it turns out, more than 9 out of 10 organizations that lose access to data servers for over ten days file for bankruptcy during the next 5 years.
  • Storage devices tend to fail on their own. You don’t need natural disasters or hackers to have your sensitive corporate files corrupted. Over 140,000 hard drives in the US crash every week.
  • Downtime is expensive. Do you think cloud backup solutions are too expensive for companies in Virginia? That’s nothing compared to an hourly cost of unplanned downtime, which amounts from $8,000 to $700,000 (based on the size of your firm).

Best Business Data Backup Providers in Vienna

Let’s say that you understand the importance of business data backup. However, you shouldn’t get just any backup provider in Vienna if you want a have a reliable disaster recovery. So as you know, 25% of companies with working backup solutions fail to recover any of the corrupted data.

To help you find a trustworthy provider, NetFusion has compiled a list of dependable solutions for business data backup in Vienna. Let’s get to it!

1. CrashPlan

Great service for smaller companies that look for an automated cloud backup. CrashPlan offers a user-intuitive interface, unlimited cloud storage, as well as excellent customer support – all for an affordable price.

2. Carbonite

Carbonite backup is a low-priced, straightforward service for SMBs in Vienna. It supports Windows PC and Mac OS, as well as many third-party cloud applications and business software. Most importantly, it offers reliable cloud backup solutions for small businesses, fantastic support, and unlimited server licenses.

3. NetFusion

NetFusion is an IT company and managed service provider that supports SMBs in Virginia and Washington since 2003. Aside from implementing the most efficient and risk-free business backup solutions for companies in Vienna, NetFusion offers a variety of additional services for its clients. This provider can boost your cybersecurity, host your website, as well as innovate and maintain your IT infrastructure to maximize your ROI.

4. iDrive

iDrive focuses on smaller companies and startups. Aside from reasonably priced backup with support for other server apps, it also offers strong security and encryption.

Safeguard Sensitive Information With Business Data Backup In Vienna

To sum it up, business data backup is essential for all types of organizations in the US. Having a competent backup provider and efficient data recovery measures can help you spare money and time. In some cases, it can even save organizations from bankruptcy.

To get the most out of business, your technology should be at an adequate level. That’s why with NetFusion as your IT partner, you’ll get suitable IT solutions that empower your company, including a reliable business data backup in Vienna. If you need someone with expertise and professionalism, free to drop us a line today!

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