Today, VoIP systems are precious, mainly for businesses that focus on customer services and sales. Without these services, one day can have a fatal impact on any business. This is the reason why it is crucial to implement a well-crafted disaster recovery plan that can protect VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) networks.

A professional VoIP service provider can take care of such events. Still, it is not an easy job to find a reliable service provider, or you can search online forbusiness VoIP service Beverly Hills” to locate the best service provider in your region.

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If your entire business is based on VoIP phone systems, you can consider the points mentioned below to minimize downtime.

5 Tips to Minimize VoIP Downtime

1. Invest in VoIP monitoring services

You can also install a third-party VoIP calling service before implementing any disaster recovery solution to check the working of your phone systems. It identifies whether there is any network problem interrupting your phone systems so that you can quickly resolve them.

Select your VoIP service provider wisely

It would help if you verified your provider’s service level agreements while evaluating the VoIP systems. Ask them about their availability guarantees and security, and how they are going to achieve it.

When you choose your service provider, always make sure that they are hosting VoIP services in facilities that are secure from any local disasters and are using advanced security measures to protect your calls from any threat.

2. Always have backup broadband lines

As you know, VoIP services are dependent upon the internet, so you must have an alternate internet service or a backup in case any network goes down.

One ISP (internet service provider) will be dedicated to your VoIP solutions, while the others will support your main PC network. Once both systems are installed, then you can reprogram them to transfer the files automatically to each other, if one network goes down.

It means that if your primary network shuts down, you can quickly shift your VoIP services over to the other system so you can keep working without delay.

It is evident that selecting two different internet service providers, will increase your monthly internet expenses, but the cost to manage both services is too less compared to the cost of significant downtime.

3. You can route the calls to your mobile devices

The significant benefit of hosted VoIP service is that you can easily choose where to route your calls by using the feature of call forwarding, which automatically transfers incoming calls to other company-registered devices. In any case, if your main office goes down because of some network outage or a local disaster, your workers can keep on working using their mobile devices, causing no significant harm to your business.

To gain benefits from this feature, always make sure to register all the mobile devices of your employees over your VoIP system and also configure those devices on which the call will be diverted.

You must also set some strict policies for remote working you can tell your staff members that they should not use a public Wi-Fi network to work, as it can increase the risk of eavesdropping.

4. Always Test Your Plan

Evaluate your VoIP service and check that your backup internet service is working fine, the call forwarding features are diverting the calls to the assigned devices, and all the contact details are up to date. Your goal should be to find the flaws in your VoIP service recovery solution and implement some necessary adjustments to prevent them from happening again in the future.

5. Additional features like Voicemail to email

If your company’s entire network goes down and there is no possible way to receive your calls in a scheduled manner, then you must consider that VoIP service which allows you to forward your voicemail messages over the cloud for transcription before sending you via email.

Always make sure that you have covered all your networks to be on the safer side. Because downtime can hurt your business, so you must implement the steps mentioned in this article for smooth communication.

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