Are you familiar with the benefits of analog and VoIP? You might rely on landlines if you are starting a new business because it can be cost-effective. Your telephone service provider might sell it to you on a cheap monthly plan. It will include features like call waiting and sending faxes.

Although digital systems are also cost-efficient and offer more features and work remotely, it provides a better return on your investment. VoIP phone systems reduce the cost by up to 90 percent.

But it is essential to choose a reliable service provider that can benefit the growth of your business. You can search online about “business VoIP service Studio City,” to find the best service provider in your region.

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You should compare both services based on cost-effectiveness, technology, and availability to know more in-depth and decide to increase your business continuity.

What is the Difference Between VoIP and Analog Phone Systems?

1. Line rental and Technology

The significant difference between VoIP and analog phone services is the way they deliver their voice signals. The analog phone system, also known as POTS (plain old telephone service), carries the voice signal over copper wires, whereas the VoIP phone system uses the internet to transmit the voice traffic in the form of small data packets.

Do you know what you can save using VoIP? According to the research it states that businesses can save an average of 50 to 80 percent when switching from a landline to a VoIP phone system. The prices of landlines can vary by different service providers; on average, it will cost you around $50 per month. But most VoIP service providers start their services at $25 per month. The more money you will save using VoIP if your company requires more phone lines.

2. Location Flexibility and Mobile Use

By using Analog Phone systems, you are not just paying the extra landline phone bill. Still, you are also losing geographical flexibility which can cause a significant business loss in the long run. According to the reports in 2018, one of the top reasons why most start-ups failed in their first year is because of the failure to expand. These failed start-ups were out of the competition because they were unable to offer labor mobility and break physical borders.

Analog phone systems are dependent on the landline limiting you to a wired office phone. To expand or move your business to a new location, then you must purchase extra phone lines and hardware. You will require a rewiring by a professional even for a simple relocation of extensions. But analog systems offer compelling mobility features for mobile and remote workers to stay productive.

Things are different in VoIP phone systems. It provides a business-enhancing ability that other phone services can hardly achieve like:

3. Extension Mobility

VoIP phone services provide a mobile application that analog phone services don’t offer. With this application, employees can operate their desk phones using their computers or smartphone anywhere anytime.

4. Easy Scalability

You can quickly expand your phone service without new costly wiring and equipment. You can say that the VoIP phone system is extremely scalable because it allows you to add or subtract users with ease.

5. Geographical Flexibility

VoIP services eliminate the restrictions in communication expansion while routing the calls over the Internet connection. You can pick a local number from any country of your choice and then make it ring to your VoIP phone system. This provides businesses with a virtual local presence anywhere around the world.

6. Features

Both analog and VoIP systems provide an initial set of features, like giving you the ability to receive, send, and route calls. But VoIP goes far beyond when it comes to advanced telephone services.

An Analog system was built many years ago, and promising features were in the hands of the service provider. Some of the features include PSTN and ISDN.

On the other hand, VoIP phone systems provide enhanced functionality at a much lower cost. The analog phone system is incapable of some VoIP features like video conferencing and Unified Communications, which gives it a considerable advantage.

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