One of the significant strengths of VoIP technology is its flexibility. You make VoIP calls with mobile devices, traditional desk phones, and desktop computers because of the internet and the use of digital data.

You can also convert your traditional landline phone into a VoIP phone with an exceptional converter box. Today, several customers are served by VoIP services to benefit their business.

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6 Types of VoIP Services

1. Residential VoIP service

Residential VoIP service is used to serve households by providing a few lines for an account. Earlier, residential VoIP services aimed to provide traditional landline phone service, but now they are competing for head-to-head customers. Residential services can take different forms. Many ISP and cable organizations combine VoIP services with other various services.

Some residential VoIP service providers sell converter boxes that allow you to make a VoIP call using a traditional phone line over your current internet connection. You will be billed for the minutes you use or either for the unlimited services, depending upon the plan you selected.

2. Mobile VoIP service

With the arrival of tablets and smartphones, several VoIP services have shifted into the Apple and Android device markets aggressively. Many VoIP services are tied together with large platforms like Facebook Messenger. Other brands like WhatsApp and Skype serve both customers and businesses using desktop computers and smartphones.

The significant difference between software-based VoIP and Mobile VoIP is that mobile applications can use either a local Wi-Fi network or a cellular internet to receive and make calls. The software is installed on mobile devices rather than on computers, thus enabling you to make calls whether your internet connectivity is stable or not.

3. Phone-based VoIP service

Some VoIP service providers started selling the adapters for their revenue rather than charging monthly service charges. These service providers help the customers to make and receive calls with their traditional landline phone by using an internet connection. The adapter box connects the phone and the internet to transmit and digitize voice calls through a VoIP service provider.

It is a great option for small businesses and residential customers that need uninterrupted phone service, but also don’t want to replace their existing landline phones. They also allow you to use your previous business requirements. You can call us today at (323) 435-1318 landline number over the internet. If you are facing any power or internet outage, the adapter box will automatically divert your call over the landline.

It means you don’t have to pay a monthly bill, and no other device is required other than your old landline phone set

4. Software-based VoIP service

Popular services like Google Talk and Skype come under the software-based service category. Their services are usually a part of the plan offered by the companies, and they can take the form of desktop programs or web pages.

The most fantastic feature is that they offer front-end software to make and receive phone calls using back-end infrastructure and a computer for routing calls and assigning numbers. But they don’t provide any internet or hardware service that you require.

5. Business VoIP service

This VoIP service is specifically designed, mainly to serve a massive amount of traffic and users under one account. They usually start by providing twenty individual phone numbers and upgrade them to thousands for large companies. VoIP service is perfect for the different costs and technical problems that many companies face while using traditional landlines.

It not only quickly adds and subtracts users but also helps to eliminate long-distance and international toll charges.

6. Cloud-Hosted VoIP service

This VoIP service is the latest in VoIP technology. It is also known as IP PBX or virtual PBX, but the technology remains the same. This VoIP service eliminates the need to install on-premise hardware because your service provider will host all the necessary functions using their servers and equipment.

You may only need a few networking components such as switches, a router, and an internet connection. Your service provider will manage the troubleshooting, maintenance, and redundancy of the services.

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