Upgrading your phone system can be intimidating. Several small business owners and entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of a dynamic phone system. Today, technology has added new abilities that result in high customer experiences. It can cost you much less than you are already paying for the traditional phone system.

To gain all of these benefits, you must choose a reliable service provider. If you are living in Beverly Hills, you can search online about “cheap VoIP service Beverly Hills,” to find the best service provider in your region. 

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) works by transmitting the voice data into digital data. This technology enables people to make calls over an existing internet connection. 

When several users bypass the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), they supply the internet connection. A broadband connection will provide you with all the bandwidth that is required for high-quality phone calls.

VoIP Implementation Requirements

1. Network Bandwidth

If you are using a high-speed internet connection, then you can implement VoIP (voice over internet protocol). The amazing part is that the IP telephony does not consume as much bandwidth as you might think.

You must plan to consume 0.1 Mbps or 100 kbps per line of voice service. But if you are planning to use ten voice communication lines, then you might need 1 Mbps or 1000 kbps speed for your desired network.

It is an excellent idea only to consume 80 percent of your network bandwidth available because an overcrowded network can ultimately result in poor-quality phone calls.

2. Low Latency

A good internet connection can lead you to a successful VoIP implementation. A better connection depends on the time it takes the data to reach the internet. You can also calculate the quality of your network by monitoring the plug and jitter. 

All of these metrics focus on the consistency and quality of your connection. 

A successful VoIP implementation has less than 70 milliseconds for jitter and ping. You can also take a free VoIP speed test to check the speed and stability of your network. 

3. Wired over Wi-Fi

When you have a better option, then you must connect your VoIP devices to an Ethernet connection. Wi-Fi (wireless internet) might be useful for some users, but it is not as stable as a wired connection.

To avoid overcrowded network symptoms, you must provide your users with an Ethernet network connection. 

For those users that operate for the office, they must invest in a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch. These switches provide the power and data for VoIP phone systems over one wire.

4. Data Prioritization

You can’t always rely on every network condition, but you can plan some measures for higher traffic. Some examples of high-traffic activities include watching YouTube videos, file transfers, and software updates. 

You must set up a QoS (Quality of Service) on your designated router to optimize the voice traffic over the network. You should contact your VoIP service provider for the QoS tweaks in their system. 

How to Set Up a VoIP Phone System

As you plan to make a shift to a VoIP phone system, you will also want to design the growth in your mind. Planning for the future is vital when you are setting up a VoIP phone system. 

You can make use of the checklist, which will help you to access your current needs while you are planning for the future. 

1. VoIP phones

You should identify the number of phones that must include all those features that your business needs. Everyone does not get the same type of device; it depends upon your package plan. If you need a premium business phone, you must contact your VoIP service provider to check the top recommendations.

2. Network Connectivity

You must also calculate what amount of bandwidth is required per voice line. Always opt for an additional 15 percent headroom to prevent data overhead.

Manage your implementation plan with the company’s employee plan so that it will be growth-oriented.

3. Number Portability

You must be familiar with all the issues that you might face while porting your number to a VoIP phone number. You can ask your service provider what is required to port out the number. It can take around two weeks to migrate your phone number to a new one. 

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