VoIP services allow various kinds of connections to meet the person’s needs. Users can connect and operate the VoIP services without purchasing any new device or phone; all you need is a high-speed internet connection. All VoIP connections require registration with a service provider, but other several options do not require any additional hardware or a device like IP phones. 

If you are planning to make a shift to the VoIP phone system, then you must consult a professional service provider that knows what your company needs. If you are living in Hollywood, you can search online for “cheap VoIP service Hollywood,” to find a reliable service provider in your region. 

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All of these device-less connections provide VoIP services at a minimal amount of risk and without compromising quality and cost-efficiency. Though the function and price vary between different methods, these connections are perfect for those customers that are not sure about the use of VoIP.

 4 Types of VoIP Connections

1. Computer-to-Computer Connections

Computer-to-Computer Connections offer users easy access to make and receive phone and video calls. For those users that are not ready to make a shift to VoIP services, this kind of connection is an excellent option for their start. These types of connections are usually free to use. 

Besides, the installation fees are cheap and non-existing, as all the user need is an internet connection and an audio transmitting device such as speakers and a microphone. Apart from that, users will also need to open an account through a service provider like Skype or Google Voice.

There is no specific technical requirement; users have to make sure that they have sufficient bandwidth to ensure voice quality, especially when they are on a video call. A minimum of 50 kbps to 100 kbps is required for a quality conversation. You can also check your internet speed for free online, by taking a free speed test.

2. Computer-to-any-Phone Connections

Most of the service providers do not charge the users for computer-to-computer connections as they are not responsible for the installation, and voice calls would be made to another network. On the other hand, a computer-to-phone connection only requires a service provider’s software to connect to another network phone system. 

In this procedure, the digital data is transmitted through telephone lines. Yes, there might be a cost, but it will be much less, especially if you are making international calls. You can also use Google Voice or Skype to contact an out-of-reach network user, even the landlines.

This method has some additional features like users can contact their clients directly from their computer. But users might feel a little more comfortable while using a phone. 

3. Mobile Softphones and Apps

The two methods mentioned above worked from stationary devices, while mobile softphones and apps provide great mobility without compromising the quality or the ease of use. With this method, users are allowed to make and receive VoIP calls and use the premium features directly from their mobile devices.

All of these apps might vary in price, but all of them come with full VoIP abilities that are user-friendly and accessible. Also, these apps are available on different platforms, such as Windows, iPhones, Android, etc. 

With interoperability and increased compatibility, this method allows the user flexibility similar to computer-to-phone or computer-to-computer connections. There is also a simplified installation that integrates expanded mobility. 

4. Any Landline Phone via ATA

ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters) are the devices that can make or receive calls over the internet by connecting it to a VoIP system or digital network or Analog telephone through a network device or a computer. ATAs transmit your voice into data packets which are sent over, using the internet.

By using this device users’ existing phone systems can also be connected to a host of VoIP features like call transfer, call waiting, caller ID, etc. All the methods of VoIP connections require registration with a service provider for service. 

Users might need to port their existing phone number to a new VoIP phone number depending on the service provider they selected. While most residential VoIP service providers usually include a free ATA with their services. 

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