In this article, we will discuss more of the methods provided by VoIP technology. As you know, VoIP technology includes several ways of interest, watching TV via the Internet Protocol, sending a fax over the internet, etc.  

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How does VoIP work?

Using a VoIP service is quite simple. In this scenario, the classical telephony communication recording is performed using a portable microphone like an analog signal. The analog-to-digital converter is used to convert the analog signal into the digital signal and take it to an adequate audio encoding format.

To compress communication to different degrees, there are numerous codecs, which are mainly used to determine the quality of a conversation. Due to compression, the information can be lost, but at the same time, the personal data is enough and is not substantial

After all the data is compressed, it is transferred using a network. The data stream divides into small packages, and then they are sent over the web. Then the packets are transferred into the particular network nodes that are also known as routers. 

These routers have direct IP packets to the endpoints and use different paths to transmit. When the acceptors read the packets, they are kept in the buffer. Then, to hear the human voice, the data is passed through a digital-to-analog converter. 


With the help of VoIP, you are also able to watch TV. You can watch TV using special Internet software. The fact is that all the data packets are used in the same internet protocol. 

However, it is considered that the data should be transmitted through a large enough volume of data, which is sufficient for the high transmission rate. In this case, you cannot do it without using broadband connections like ADSL or DSL. Otherwise, you are unable to watch Internet TV. 

IP-TV is beneficial for both consumers and providers. For example, regular service providers can have the opportunity to grow their business with a wide range of services, in which they will provide not only a reliable internet connection but also a high-quality television experience. 

If you already have an internet connection, then you will not require any additional cables or to install any satellite systems. Also, the growth of IP-TV can increase the number of jobs. 

IP-TV users also attain several benefits. As you know, it is an individual program. Therefore the cost becomes cheaper. By using this TV, you can freely set the time piosmotra, and will also gain access to the viewing program like ‘video on demand.’

Another significant advantage is that by using the internet for dissemination, you can take a look all over the world even if you are living in a remote location or another corner of the world. The primary goal of internet TV is to focus on customer needs.

LAN Telephony

In the past few years, the growth of telephone servers has grown to the different levels of IP-PBXs that began with the SIP protocol. This started the era of LAN telephony. In 2000 they began to use the full program. 

LAN telephony is a type of standard telephone system. You can also install special software on the server to perform the role of IP-PBX. Then they started using the Ethernet switches that served as switchgear to transfer the voice data. 

All you need to do is to connect to a “SIP E1 Gateway,” which is a direct link between the public and the local telephone network. 

You can also use the standard analog phone, which is connected to ATA (network adapter). Or you can select softphones or unique VoIP phones that are directly installed on the desktop. 

Also, software like Innovaphone or Cisco Systems, or IP-PBXs, can be used as a solution of open source. The most popular software is Asterisk, which works on Linux and can be used as an answering machine.  

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