With different web hosting solutions to select from, it can be challenging to go for an unknown option. And if you get lucky with that option with no specific issues, it is not any type of bet that most of us will be willing to take. 

To enjoy a perfect web hosting solution, you must consult a professional web host for your organization. If you are living in Beverly Hills, you can search online about “cheap web hosting services Beverly Hills,” to find a reliable web host in that region. 

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In this article, we will discuss the key factors to choose an eCommerce web hosting plan and the reasons why.

4 Key Considerations When Choosing Web Hosting Services

1. Site Speed

It not only plays a significant role in generating a positive user experience, but it also affects the search engine to rank your website. It is one of those factors used by Google to decide where your site should appear on the list of the search results page for any specific query.

It can be annoying, but it makes complete sense. There are individual users of search engines to think about. To provide them with the best user experience, you must make sure that they are sent to the websites that are not only providing the information but also reduces the long lag times. 

The implications of a slow page loading cannot be overstated while some web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less. Forty percent of users want to abandon that particular website which takes more than three seconds to load.

Faster the website takes to load, the better the web traffic. Even a delay of one second can cause you a seven percent reduction in the conversion rate. If your website is providing you with $100,000 per day, then this delay of one second can cost you around $2.5 million per year in revenue. 

The loading of your website depends on different factors, like the size of the code on your website, the types of files on your site, and your web host. If you are in control of the code size and file types when it comes to hosting because due diligence is the only resource you can have. 

2. Uptime

It can be a fact that no web host can guarantee to provide you with 100 percent of uptime, while several other web hosts can provide 99.9 percent of the time. It is good enough, but it is essential to remember that any downtime can harm your eCommerce revenue.

The main variation between 99.9 and 99.99 percent uptime is about 40 minutes on average monthly, which is impossible in a 24/7 industry like eCommerce. The cost of downtime can vary for different websites depending on time and industry and size of the day, almost 81 percent of the businesses surveyed that more than 30 minutes of site downtime can charge you around $310,000 and about 98 percent of the companies state that more than 30 minutes of downtime can cost them over $100,000.

 Pitiable customer service can do severe damage to your company’s overall reputation. And if you are dealing with plenty of customers and they are unable to complete their tasks or view specs because of downtime, then you are dealing with far worse than the lost revenue. 

3. Scalability

It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, your eCommerce property always needs to be built with scalability in mind. As your business expands and grows in terms of the products you provide or how frequent and how many sales you make, your requirements will be going to change.

Always make sure to select a platform that can expand with your company’s growth, so you don’t have to worry about any downtime while you make a shift to another reliable platform that can serve you better. 

4. Hidden Costs

There is nothing like a completely free eCommerce platform. Even if you created your website with a domain name, a shopping cart, and your choice of web hosting platform that runs on CMS like Drupal and WordPress, you would still have the cost of maintenance, premium plugins, and web hosting, and the domain itself.

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