When you are first introducing a business website, the wide range of web hosting plans can be overwhelming. 

At the start, it is quite safe to figure that you can rely on some of the basic plans to start your business and then upgrade it when the time comes. 

But if you are already using a web hosting plan, you might be wondering if it is the time to upgrade your web hosting plan. 

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As your company grows and your business website has a lot more work to do, then at some point, you will surely need to switch to a better web hosting plan that can fulfill your growing requirements. 

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Below are some signs that you must consider making an upgrade.

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Web Hosting

1. Your Website is Too Slow

Your website speed is essential for both improving search engine optimization (SEO) and providing a good user experience. 

A slow-loading website can lead to a higher bounce rate, which will result in a few visitors, so this is not something that you can take lightly.

If your website is running too slow, then the issue might be that you are not using the services from the right web hosting company, or it might be that your business website has outgrown your web hosting plan. 

When you find that your business website is going over the CPU (Central Processing Limit) limit for your plan, then it might be the time that you should look for an upgrade to your current hosting plan. 

2. You have been getting more visitors

The primary or regular web hosting plans mostly use a shared server for numerous different websites. If a single site on that server is receiving more visitors, then all the other websites will automatically slow down. 

Professional web hosting service providers will do their job whenever an issue like this arises. Still, if you are receiving sufficient traffic to your website, which is causing the problem, then it is an excellent time to make a shift to a new web hosting plan. 

If you are getting more traffic, but it is not too extreme, then an upgrade to cloud web hosting can be beneficial for you. 

Cloud web hosting provides double loading time, which is similar to that of shared web hosting, with the option to upgrade your resources as needed for the increase in web traffic. 

If web traffic growth is more extreme, then you must consider dedicated web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting costs more than other types of web hosting plans, but it is speedy and provides you with a lot of control. If your website’s growth inherits it, then a dedicated server can create a huge difference. 

3. Your developer wants more flexibility

The shared web hosting plans only support the common types of updates and software programs that web designers make. 

For a good number of developers and companies that are working fine, but if you are interested in making more changes to your business website, it requires the capability to use unsupported software and pursue more customization, then you will want to make a shift to that web hosting plan that offers that. 

Dedicated hosting can surely provide that, but if your web traffic is not that much that a dedicated feels necessary, then you must find a web hosting plan which is more affordable. You can opt for a VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan, as it provides customization and a lot of control, which you need for your website. 

4. You want to run programs that require a lot of bandwidth

This issue can be related to the CPU limits. Heavy web traffic is one of those reasons that require a lot of CPU bandwidth, but some programs that you use on your site also play a significant role. 

If you want to host a lot of content that includes videos, games, and different types of downloadable content that require significant bandwidth, then you must consider cloud web hosting, a dedicated server or VPS can be great for your website’s performance and speed. 

5. You want more security features

If you are running an online business, website security must be your top priority. Some basic web hosting plans do not include many features of security, but all the websites require it. 

So, before choosing a web hosting plan, you must consider the security features and other essential options that can be beneficial for your website.

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