VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server and is known as a virtualized server. A VPS web hosting is similar to a dedicated server with a shared web hosting environment. It is a perfect combination of dedicated hosting and shared hosting. 

This web hosting provides several options that you can select from to host your website on the internet. To host your website on the web, you will also need to upload your web files to that desired web server.

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Managing and setting up a server can not only be costly, but it is difficult too. Buying web hosting allows you to rent some space on a specific web server, which makes it easy for an individual to host their website online as it only requires them to upload their website files. 

Why is VPS Web Hosting different than Dedicated and Shared?

With dedicated servers, you are allowed to rent an entire web server. It is optimal for those people that receive heavy web traffic on their websites or if they want to set up their server in a different way. Not every individual requires purchasing a fully dedicated web server. If you have just launched your business website, you can save a lot of your money by renting some space on the desired web server. 

Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting in which you share some space on the server with different users instead of renting the entire server by yourself. 

If you are thinking of opting for a dedicated server, but you are not sure about it, then you must go for VPS Web Hosting. 

How does VPS hosting work?

The technology that runs VPS hosting is similar to that of Virtual Box or VMware. All these programs allow you to run different virtualized operating systems on a single device. For example, your desktop might contain Windows 8, but you can also operate other operating systems like Linux or Windows XP without restarting your desktop. 

Operating System Virtualization

All VPS hosting environments operate in the same manner. While you have a single physical server, you can run different virtualized operating systems on that specific server. Every virtualized operating system functions as a dedicated server. It allows attaining all the necessary benefits of a dedicated server with some additional cost. 

6 Benefits of VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting provides you with the affordability of shared web hosting, and at the same time, you can gain more control and power like a dedicated server. 

1. Privacy

As you have not shared your operating system with anyone else, no other website on that desired server can gain access to your web files. 

2. Customization

In a VPS server, you have your particular operating system. It means that you can have your instances over all the server applications like MySQL, PHP, and Apache. If you want to customize any of these services, then you can make desired changes that suit your server up to your needs.

3. Control

If you want to install some server applications that require a system restart, you can perform it anytime. Technically you can share your server with any other VPS servers, but you can restart your VPS server without affecting any different server. 

4. Dedicated Resources

On a VPS server, you receive dedicated amounts of RAM, which is available to you at any specific time. But in shared hosting, no one on your server can gain access to the RAM that you need. 

5. Root Access

VPS hosting allows you to gain access to your desired server. It provides the users with complete access to the VPS account, which gives more control over the server and all the application installations. All these actions can be controlled with your control panel. 

6. Server Monitoring

As there is always a need for security for different cyber attacks, you must know that some VPS service providers monitor your server and all the associated hardware for any significant threats. Server monitoring makes sure that threats like DDoS attacks, malware, and hacking can be dealt with before they can do considerable damage. 

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