Once a website is created, most companies lose sight of managing the website after the launch. In this article, we will discuss some ways to make sure that your small business site is handled correctly.

It is always tricky for business officials to look after their website every time, so they mostly hire a professional web host that can manage and regulate the working of their business website. If you are living in Universal City, you can search online for “cheap web hosting services Universal City,” to find a reliable web host in your region. 

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How to manage a small business website

1. Look at Your Resources

Before starting a new business website project, you must always consider the resources that you need to manage the site and also think about the objectives and goals of your website. You must make sure to update your site regularly and ensure it has clear and crisp calls to action and relevant content.

It must also deliver substantial business value to your organization. Seek the resources that are available, like interns, contractors, human resources, and people on your IT or marketing teams. For a small business, it might be an assistant or the owner. Always think about your daily process to determine the factors that you can implement to manage the website. 

Once you realize that you have all the resources that you need, you can manage the daily and weekly management of a small business website. 

2. Generate Content

When a website is created or launched, you must not leave it to fall behind the times and become static. You need to create new content regularly, whether it’s through a small team, a third-party service, or you have generated it yourself.

Always build a process in mind, so that you can discuss the responsibility with your officials to make sure that the content is loaded regularly. As you know, consistency is the key, whether it is once or twice a month, or multiple times a day. 

3. Maintain the Website

If you are using a content management system with modules or plugins, always make sure that they are checked and updated for security vulnerabilities. A third-party organization will still do it using an ongoing maintenance agreement. 

And if you are maintaining your website in a house, make sure you perform this task regularly. It is always recommended that you must run the security checks on a weekly to a monthly basis. The last thing you want is for your site to become compromised. It can be a lot of stress for you to fix it, as it can be costly. 

Developing a small business website strategy

Significant problems

If one of your clients is linked with an international organization with a marketing department, and their headquarters are situated in the United States, but they operate on five different continents. Before you started working for them, their previous website was not updated in at least five years. 

The firm that builds that website has left no possible way for anyone to make the updates quickly. 

When such an organization combines with your company, you must first discuss the content responsibilities. This will include the rules for building marketing departments that represent different continents. In contrast, the big United States marketing team will take over each element of that website itself, with ongoing maintenance.


You worked with them to make sure that the employee files are updated, events were posted and maintained, press releases were sent, and case files were written. Also, set up a specific process to make sure that the team is familiar with their role in scheduling the content each month from managing press releases to updating their events. The schedule must include:

  •         Once a month: update and check files
  •         Once a quarter: publish 2-4 case studies
  •         Weekly: post new blogs
  •         First day of the month: post new press releases
  •         Mid of the month: add and update events

By maintaining your website with these measures, you can record the automated backups of the site, test the security vulnerabilities, and can keep the content management system updated. 

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