Finding the right web hosting service can be challenging, yet it is essential to consult a professional web host that is right for your business. If you are a resident of West Hollywood, you can search online for “cheap web hosting services in West Hollywood,” to find a reliable service provider near your locality. 

It is crucial because all your site’s security, reliability, and performance depend on the service you opt for. You will always need a host that can provide you with several essential features like sufficient storage, managed services, great email, etc.

Cheap Web Hosting Services West Hollywood

 In this article, we have mentioned essential web hosting services that you might look for.

5 Important Features to Look for in a Web Hosting Service

1. 24/7 Technical Support

 If your business is online 24/7 and all your essential apps run continuously, then you might need reassurance that if something happens, you will need technical support that can help you to sort out the problem.

Talking about technical support, it doesn’t mean that someone is getting paid to answer calls, you will need a professional who can help you to resolve the problems. If you went offline for a single minute, you must remember that you are losing custom, which is essential for this service. 

As your business is growing, technical support will become more critical, especially if you are running complex systems and are using complicated applications to run your company’s operations. 

2. Backup Services

It is another useful feature included in a hosting web service. For example, if you lost all your data like inventory records, financial details, customer data, emails, and website content, so to protect yourself, you will always need a reliable service provider that can meet all your needs. 

If you are selling your products continuously, you will also need a continuous backup plan so that you cannot lose sales info.

Always make sure that your backups are stored remotely or on different data servers that you have hosted. By doing this, you can still access your backups even if your server goes down. You can also ensure that your service provider is also backing up their servers. If any server goes down from the service provider’s end, there must be another server ready to kick in. 

3. High Availability and Guaranteed Uptime

There is nothing wrong with having your website go down. It will hurt the clients and visitors and can also affect your search engine ranking, and you might lose your sales. It can happen if the shared hosting is affected by different users on your server or if your hosted server is old and requires constant maintenance. 

If you are selecting shared hosting, then you might look for a service provider that can guarantee you at least 99.95% of uptime. Also, if you are operating some complex hosting like cloud hosting or dedicated servers, you must seek high availability.

It means you will need a guarantee that your server will be online 99.99% of the time with 100% uptime. 

4. Managed Services

If you are busy operating your business, and you don’t want any stress of managing the server on which you have hosted your website. A good host will take care of all the management for you. It means that they will make sure that your operating system is up-to-date with updates and patching. 

It always depends on the level of service you need, and also it is possible to manage services that suit your specific requirements. So if you need to be managed hosting, ask your web host to provide it.

5. Robust Security Features

Complex hacking software allows cybercriminals to scan several networks and websites daily to look for vulnerabilities. Usually, every system and website is affected. If any vulnerability is found, the hacker will surely take advantage of it. 

In this case, you will always need a web host that can provide you with extra tools to protect yourself from a wide range of threats. You will need SSL encryption, spam removal, email scanning, intrusion prevention, secure firewalls, and more. 

The consequences of weak web security are terrifying. Your website can be used to spread viruses or ransomed, and your essential data can be stolen. If it is possible, then you might face enormous fines. 

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