Investing in a reliable cloud data backup service is the best decision any business can make. Backing up data on the cloud can make some unfortunate events much more tolerable, such as natural disasters, human error, or robbery.

So, a business owner must shift to cloud data backup services. If you are a North Hollywood resident, you can search online about “cloud data backup North Hollywood,” to find a reliable service provider near your locality.

Cloud backup stores your existing data on an off-site server, which makes it available anytime and anywhere you need it. The data stored is frequently updated or synced and mirrors your system in real-time.

Cloud Data Backup North Hollywood

Cloud backup not only protects your business against natural calamities but also saves you a lot of money and time in restoring your operations. Below are the main things that you should look for while choosing a cloud data backup service.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Data Backup Service

1. Storage 

How much cloud data storage do you need? Cloud data backup service providers offer from 1 GB to unlimited storage space, which provides businesses an extensive range of choices according to their requirements. 

The amount of space provided is related to the service costs, so it should be best for you to consider how much space your company needs to stay within the budget. 

2. Scalability

It is not always possible to determine how much cloud backup storage space a business requires. Several factors should be considered, such as the number of computers and employees, the type of business, and the volume of data.

Look for a service provider with agility and scalability so that your backup space can grow as your business grows. While you don’t have to purchase an unlimited space, your vendor must suggest to you the appropriate package and some flexible solutions looking upon your business needs.

3. Uptime 

The main purpose of cloud data backup is to ensure that your backed-up data is available to you whenever you need it. The service provider’s uptime always depends on its tier; Tier 1 provides 99.671 percent availability, and Tier 4 provides 99.995 percent availability.

However, these differences seem insignificant, but technology matters. Higher tier packages provide additional features like industry-standard equipment to protect the data and redundancy (backups of backups). 

The Tier 1 features are specially made for server centers that host several data backups. On the other hand, Tier 4 services provide temperature control (like heating and HVAC systems) and power capabilities to decrease the chances of downtime and make sure that there is an optimum level of availability. 

4. Disaster Recovery 

Service providers can always make uptime guarantees, but the reality is that some unfortunate events like natural disasters and cyber-attacks can shut down the entire server system and can render your data inaccessible. 

For example, Amazon’s North Virginia servers go offline because of a severe thunderstorm, which takes down major services like Pinterest, Instagram, and Netflix. If such big institutions can get hit, what about small businesses?

As you know, downtime is not always avoidable, but you must choose a cloud data backup service that offers efficient and effective disaster-recovery plans to get your business online ASAP. 

5. Backup Frequency

If you are working on something and updating information your entire day, you must surely need peace of mind that all the latest work is automatically backed up. Also, it is essential to know the frequency at which your files are backed up over the cloud and how the whole procedure is done. 

Some service providers offer monthly, hourly, daily, or fixed backup frequencies, while the remaining will allow you to set your schedules.

6. Security 

Have you ever noticed how safe your data is on the cloud? Nowadays, hackers are becoming more sophisticated, so you must ask your service providers how all your data is protected. 

Things you should look for must include at least 256-bit encryption, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and off-site and local data storage. All of these features ensure the security of the data stored in the cloud. You can find these features in the premium packages of your service providers.

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