Cloud data backup is also known as remote backup or online backup. It is a type of strategy used for sending a copy database or virtual file or physical to an off-site, secondary location for preservation in case of catastrophe or equipment failure. 

The storage systems and secondary servers are mostly hosted by a third-party service provider, who will charge you based on storage space or capacity used, number of times data is accessed, number of servers, number of users, and data transmission bandwidth. 

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Cloud Data Backup Universal City

Implementing effective cloud data backup solutions can help you to bolster the company’s data protection strategy without increasing the stress of IT (information technology) staff. This workload benefit can be significant and sufficient for some additional costs based on cloud backup, like data transmission charges. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term that is referred to as the hosted solutions that are provided using the internet. It is different from usual web hosting, the services provided on the cloud are offered on-demand, and are presented flexibly. This means that the customer can use the service as per their need, and it will be managed entirely by the service provider. 

Also, a cloud solution can be public or private. A public cloud service provider offers its services to anyone over the internet, like AWS (Amazon Web Services). Still, a private cloud service provider provides the hosted services to a limited number of customers. 

How does Cloud Data Backup Works?

In the company’s data center, backup software copies the data. It stores it on a different platform or another storage system for easy access in case of a recovery condition. While there are several approaches and options to an off-site data backup, cloud data backup provides an external facility for numerous organizations.

In the case of an enterprise, the company will own an off-site server if they host their cloud service. However, the chargeback way will be the same if the organization uses a data backup service provider to supervise the cloud backup environment. 

There are several approaches to cloud data backup, with vital services that can easily adjust to the company’s existing data protection process. The different varieties of cloud data backup include:

3 Types of Cloud Data Backup Solutions

1. Backing Up directly to the public cloud

There is one way to store the company’s resources, which is by duplicating the resources in the public cloud. In this method, the data is directly sent to cloud service providers, like Microsoft Azure or AWS. The company uses its data backup software to create a copy to send it to the cloud storage service. 

The cloud data storage service provides the safekeeping and destination for the data, but it does not offer backup software and application. In this case, a backup application must be capable of interfacing with different cloud storage services. Also, with public cloud backup solutions, several IT experts must look into supplemental data protection methods. 

2. Backing Up to a service provider

In this case, a company sends the data to a cloud backup service provider, which provides backup solutions in a managed data center. The backup application that the organization uses to send the data to the provider might be a part of this service, or the service might support particular commercially-available backup software. 

3. Choosing a cloud-to-cloud backup

This type of service is one of the newest offerings in the cloud data backup area. They are specialized in backing up the data, which is already stored on the cloud, using SaaS (software as a service) software or as data stored in a cloud data backup service.

C2C backup solution copies and transfers the data from one cloud to the other cloud. This backup service hosts the application that manages the entire process.

By using a technique known as cloud seeding, a backup service provider sends a storage device, like a tape cartridge or disk drive to its consumers, which backups the data and sends it back to the service provider. 

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