Information Technology Is A Vital Part Of Our Accounting and CPA Firm Clients Daily Operations

Any technological or procedural hiccup can lead to unnecessary downtime and an interruption in client service.

For more than two decades, NetFusion has provided CPAs and accounting firms with best practices and industry-specific technology solutions to advance their business objectives and to keep their information and computer networks stable and secure. The Los Angeles Business Journal has recognized NetFusion for the past four consecutive years as one of Los Angeles’ premier, outsourced IT providers to professional service firms.

We have garnered this industry recognition through: 


  • Industry expertise.  NetFusion’s focus on the accounting profession allows us to be familiar with opportunities and challenges that are industry-specific.  This level of understanding allows us to be proactive with our clients to ensure they are utilizing best-in-class technology solutions and practices; it also alerts us to potential threats that might compromise the health of your network.
  • Increased data security. NetFusion appreciates that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a second to lose it to a data breach.  Our clients are protected by the latest privacy and security protocols and architecture to minimize/eliminate malicious network access.
  • Network design, implementation, and management. NetFusion’s proprietary approach to network architecture ensures client networks are stable, secure, and accessible. Each client is assigned a dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) who meets with clients quarterly to oversee how their technology can advance firm objectives and how it aligns with industry and best practices to ensure maximum security and employee productivity.This comprehensive approach not only differentiates us from our competitors but more importantly, it aligns our clients’ business objectives with technology solutions.
  • 24/7 Technical Support. 

    Whether you are in the middle of the busy season, working remotely, or after hours, our technical support professionals are available around the clock to maximize your productivity and minimize any downtime.

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It takes a lifetime to build your reputation. Don't lose it in a second to a data breach.

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