A service help desk is a type of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) that is certified for organizing customer requests. The term “service help desk” refers to those service desks in IT support, now any company can gain benefits by providing a customer service help desk. 

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A service help desk is designed to deal with service requests and disruptions to service, providing a proactive form of client service. 

Customer Service Help Desk Beverly Hills

It is also known as a Help desk or a call center. A help desk is more tactical as compared to the service desk, which is more strategic. A service help desk includes a ticketing system, in which you can receive the incoming tickets and manage them individually. 

Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from a customer service help desk.

6 Benefits of Customer Service Help Desk System

1. Unite all support channels in one place

If your system does not support different channels like phone, email, or video, then with a help desk, you can unite all the support channels in one specific place. It is nothing more frustrating for a customer to start from the first place (like chat or phone) and get shifted from one channel to another to get an answer. With a help desk application, you are allowed to transfer a client from one channel to another very quickly. 

2. Get an Insight into your support team

If you are using the personal inboxes to handle all your customer inquiries, then you have no idea what your staff members are saying to the clients, or whether the details are right or not. The information is essential, as it will help you to achieve your future hires and help your employees track their personal growth. A help desk system is also helpful for customizable reporting and robust analytics. 

3. Know what your customers care about

As you can gain an insight into what your customers care about other than conversations, the help desk also offers analytics and tagging, which allows you to have a more unobstructed view of all the essential needs. It is the perfect way to know about things that you can add to your documentation, change your product or shift your processes for higher ratings and better ticket deflection. 

4. Help your customers with a knowledge base

Proper documentation is not easy to find, especially if you do not use the help desk application to build a knowledge base. Clients usually find their information instead of reaching out to the support team, but if there is no documentation available, then you have no other option left. 

It is a great way to use the help desk application to build the documentation as it will provide satisfaction to your customers, and allow them to find their answers before reaching out to the support team. You might also gain access to analytics to upgrade your knowledge base; thus, you will know what people search for most and what is your most viewed documentation. 

5. Automated tasks to scale your support team 

The customer service help desk system allows you to automate some of the tasks that you do daily. For instance, you can set up an automatic notification to your employees whenever the tickets are pending for more than two days. 

Also, you can create manual workflows with the help of an automated help desk, which will automatically assign tickets to your support team and tag them.

6. Build context around your customer’s journey

No customer wants to answer the same question again and again, especially if it is coming from your support team. With a help desk application, you can gather all the information in one specific space, so that you can resolve the issue that your customer has reached out about. 

For instance, if the customer has emailed about a particular problem, you can make sure that the answer is aligned with the solution your support team has shared with them before. 

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