In this modern era, everything has moved to computers and the internet due to various reasons such as wide reach, easy storage, etc. The most important thing of the current time is data, as it is the base for all websites that are providing services or selling products online. 

Database details of a website, login credentials, users-information, and many important aspects of an online store fall under the category of data. According to professionals, sometimes, technology can disappoint you as numerous cybercriminals are roaming the internet and can shut down your online business by attacking it. With this, you can also lose your precious data mistakenly or due to natural causes like a flood, fire, etc. 

We can take the example of one of the most popular animation movies, Toy Story.  Most fans don’t know why Toy Story took so long after the release of the first part of the series. Back in 1998, when the movie was being made, an accident happened in the company Pixar, which was creating the film. 

In the accident, an employee of the organization mistakenly entered the delete command on the drive where all the files of the movie were stored. The delete command did its work, and every file on the drive was permanently deleted. Fortunately, all the efforts on the film done by the numerous artists were saved by the technical director of the project who was working from home as she had a child; that is why she was taking a copy of the files to her place every week.     

Disasters and mistakes can happen anytime in the world of business. Have you ever thought about the solution to the type of issue that occurred with Pixar? Backing up your precious files and folders can be the best solution against natural and human-made disasters. The best part is that you can access your important data immediately and bounce back on the internet a few times. 

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You should know that there are more than ten types of data backup. In this post, we are sharing four common data backups in Sherman Oaks. Check it out below.

4 Common Types of Data Backups

  1. Full Backup

As the name of the category says it all, when every file, folder, metadata, login credentials, and every single detail of a website gets backed up in the system is known as a full backup. It takes more space and time in comparison to other types of backups but you can restore your data quickly if you have done the full backup in case of data theft or loss.

2. Incremental Backup

In this type of backup, you can store your data quickly in comparison to the full backup, while the restoration process will take more time in the case of any disaster. With incremental backup, the initial backup acts as the full one. Subsequent backup only stores the changes that were created since the last backup.

3. Differential Backup

Differential backup is similar to incremental backup. In both types of backup, the initial backup is whole, and the following reserve only keeps the changes since the last backup. In this type of backup, you will need more space than the incremental backup while you can restore your data faster in this kind.

 4. Mirror Backup

You can also guess the type of backup from the name of this category only as in this type of backup, an exact copy of the source data is created and stored in the system so that you can use it in the case of data loss, damage, or theft. 

The advantage of mirror backup is way different from the full, incremental, and differential backups, which is that you don’t store the old and obsolete files in the system. In this backup, when old and obsolete files are detected, it gets deleted automatically and disappear from the mirror backup.

But a major disadvantage of mirror backup is that if your files or folders are accidentally deleted, they will be lost until you discover the deleted data before the next scheduled backup.

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Backing up your valuable data is essential as you may lose your data due to various reasons such as viruses deployed by the cybercriminal, fire, flood, earthquake, system or equipment failure, etc. You can also pass on the job of data backup Sherman Oaks to the professionals, who store your data at off-site locations or in a cloud-based solution.

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