Dave Watts

The people of NetFusion have another reason to celebrate. Their company’s president, Dave Watts, has been nominated as Los Angeles Business Journal’s Chief Information Officer of the year – again!

This is Dave’s fourth year being nominated for this honor. This prestigious, nomination track record is unparalleled in the history of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

The 2016 Chief Technology Awards took place this year at the Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica, California. The Los Angeles Business Journal puts on this event each year to give recognition to those experts who go the extra mile in serving the technology needs of the institutions, businesses, and not for profit entities in California.

NetFusion, the company that Dave Watts has led for the last 21 years, specializes in providing reliable IT services to the Business Management, CPA, and Legal industries. Dave Watts and the NetFusion team have invested deeply in the process of understanding the particular IT needs of these industries and have proven that NetFusion has what it takes to assist Business Managers, CPAs, and Lawyers in reaching their business goals through IT.

About the three industries in which NetFusion specializes, Dave Watts said, “We are experts in these fields… We know their line of business applications better than any other outsourced IT provider.”

In a business climate that is hyper-reliant on uptime and IT security, businesses continue to knock on NetFusion’s door looking for the services they provide based solely upon the reputation that Dave Watts has built for his company over the years.

How does Dave Watts put his customers first?

  • He takes the time to understand their business – its goals and its processes.
  • He communicates that understanding to his clients in a way that shows them that he “gets it.”
  • He presents an IT strategy blueprint that will assist the business in accomplishing its objectives.
  • He implements that plan in a fashion that is fully cognisant of and coordinated with the business’ workflow, budget, security, and regulatory compliance issues.
  • He stays ahead of the competition by honing his knowledge base and his skill set while constantly being on the lookout for the next product that will make a positive impact for his clients.

Within the professional services community of California, NetFusion has become the trusted IT advisor, thanks in large part to Dave Watts’ vision and leadership.

In addition to the professional services sector, NetFusion has a sizeable, customer-base footprint in the small-to-medium size business market. The advantages that NetFusion offers to all of its customers include well designed and implemented IT environments that are stable, secure, and scalable.

While Dave Watts has expressed his appreciation to the Los Angeles Business Journal for this unprecedented honor, it is apparent to the staff and customers of NetFusion that he has earned this honor by working each day to make NetFusion an exemplary business and putting his clients first.

To know more about Dave Watts, NetFusion, and the services that we offer call (323) 435-1318 today or send an email to us at info@netfusion.com .


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