Cyberattacks are an ever-growing threat to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses are the most vulnerable, with cybercrimes targeting them seeing a 424% increase in 2018. Protection is needed on several fronts, and endpoint security cannot be ignored. Endpoint EDR security refers to the strategy for protecting a company network through remote devices such as personal laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

Endpoint Security

Ups and the Big Downside of Personal Devices Used for Work

There’s a good side to the fact that employees 29 and younger use personal tech tools 60% of the time and 51% of employees 30 and older do so, as well. The practice increases productivity by a whopping 34% and saves employees an average of 58 minutes daily. The downside of using personal tech devices is an increase in security risks.

Phishing and Endpoint Security

A hacking tool widely used by cybercriminals is known as “phishing.” This prevalent threat to businesses all over the world makes it important to put a spotlight on endpoint security. Phishing is an example of one of the security threats that can only be prevented by a company’s staff members. Malware is hidden in emails that look completely legitimate, and even people who are fully alert to potential scams can be fooled into taking the bait. When phishing is successful, the cybercriminals are equipped to steal critical data such as passwords and logins, which gives hackers with bad intentions access to the IT infrastructure of a business.

A Few Approaches to Endpoint Security

Mobile device management solutions address endpoint security. Some of the effective measures a company can adopt include multi-factor authentication, software control, remote wiping, and version management. Arguably the number one way to achieve effective endpoint security is to educate your staff. The more informed employees are, the less likely they are to fall for a phishing scam or make other mistakes that might override security efforts.

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