Many who took advantage of Office 365’s 2016 one-time cost option are rightly wondering whether investing in the new generation is worth the price of an upgrade. The answer is yes! The following are just a few of the benefits of Office 365 2019.

An Improved Version of OneNote

OneNote for Windows 10 was released in 2019, and it includes several improvements. Ink-to-text support is included, and synchronization of notes is reportedly better. 

Office 365 has Features for Improved Email Productivity

A Focused Inbox can now be used in Office 365, which gives users two tabs in the inbox. You can switch between the most important emails and others that aren’t considered urgent. Whenever messages are moved to Focused, machine learning is used by Outlook to find out topics of importance. 

In addition, users can type @ in emails, which brings up names that can be chosen from your contact list. Anytime a user is tagged, the mention is highlighted by Outlook in the recipient’s email preview to draw their attention to it. 

Improved User Experiences in PowerPoint Zoom & Ink Replay

PowerPoint Zoom in Office 365 now allows users to click on slide thumbnails in order to jump directly to the desired location in a PowerPoint presentation. Several visual improvements have been made, such as the option to add 3D models and scalable vector graphics. With the latest upgrades, PowerPoint presentations can be exported to a 4K resolution video. There’s now a text highlighter, as well. Ink Replay can be used to create animations.


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