Quick and reliable support when issues, questions, or concerns arise

We’ve all been there before: an issue comes up, and of course, you simply can’t get a hold of the IT guy – you’re stuck waiting hours, or worse, days, for someone to call you back and get around to helping you get back to work. The truth is, you simply deserve better.

NetFusion knows you deserve quick and reliable support when issues, questions, or concerns arise.  Our help desk is built to deliver the support you need. Call us at (323) 435-1318 or send us an email: Support@NetFusionTech.com.

We know when you have problems with your technology, you’re unable to be productive, which means payroll dollars are wasted and work doesn’t get done and deadlines are missed.  Our help desk professionals are here to give you the quick and reliable support you deserve:

  • Available via phone or email to give you peace of mind knowing we’re always reachable.
  • Remote support tools allow us to remotely access systems and resolve the issues as quick as possible.
  • Technicians who speak in terms you can understand help eliminate frustration and confusion.
  • Automatic Updates – Our system automatically updates you on the progress or status of your issue.

It takes a lifetime to build your reputation. Don't lose it in a second to a data breach.

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