Don’t think of technology investments as a necessary evil

Many business owners considering an investment in new technology approach the decision-making process with a level of reluctance bordering on total unwillingness. While it’s never fun to part ways with hard-earned company money, it’s important to look at new technology through the lens of expected ROI. As in any other area of the business, there’s […]

Fighting Back Against Growing Ransomware Threat

In 2015, law enforcement officials reported a spike in the number of ransomware attacks. While ransomware intrusions have been around for a number of years, the financial rewards for those who hold a website or network system hostage are significant. In an FBI report, last year’s growth has continued in the first few months of […]

Tips for Protecting Your Company from Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that will encrypt your files, actually hold your data hostage, until you pay a ransom. When the malware’s demands are met, your files are yours again. Sounds crazy, but this type of malware is becoming a favorite of cybercriminals, and it is becoming a major threat to both personal […]

Protecting Your Assets: Can Your Managed IT Handle It?

Is your managed IT protecting your business assets? Protecting business assets is incredibly important when it comes to managed IT. Thankfully, we’re going to cover some of the more important issues regarding asset protection for managed business IT. With this being said, here’s a look at IT technology geared towards protecting business assets. Cybercrime: The […]

Have I Been PWNed?

How to bounce back from a breach in security. Nothing is worse than getting PWNed in a security breach; it exposes weakness in security and puts your firm and your clients in harm’s way. Thankfully, we’re going to cover how to bounce back after getting PWNed and a few steps for recovery. Here’s a look […]

Dave Watts: Nominated for Fourth Year as Los Angeles Business Journal’s CIO of the Year

The people of NetFusion have another reason to celebrate. Their company’s president, Dave Watts, has been nominated as Los Angeles Business Journal’s Chief Information Officer of the year – again! This is Dave’s fourth year being nominated for this honor. This prestigious, nomination track record is unparalleled in the history of the Los Angeles Business […]

Is Windows 10 Stalking You?

Turn Off Keylogger to Stop Microsoft From Tracking Your Every Word As if it isn’t enough that Microsoft has forced Windows 10 updates upon us, it appears that the newest Windows operating system also has built-in features that allow it to record what you say and what you type. When you use Cortana, Windows 10’s […]

Attacks on Bangladesh’s Central Bank and What It Implies About Financial Cyber Security

In February of 2016, a group of hackers managed to steal $80 million from Bangladesh’s central bank. Attempting to steal a billion, the hackers took advantage of the bank’s lack of firewall and second-hand $10 routers. The attack drew attention from the world both because of its links with past attacks and because of what […]

Congress has Taken Note of Ransomware

The meteoric rise of ransomware attacks are making waves in the tech community. Anyone who works in IT or web development has heard about this nasty form of malware. Ransomware has become such a concern that members of Congress have taken time out of their busy days to address it. What is Ransomware? In a […]

Should My Computer Upgrade To Windows 10

You’ve seen the pop-ups every day. You’re working away on your favorite application on your trusted Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer when the alert leaps out, telling you, urging you, imploring you to bite the bullet and upgrade to Windows 10. You’re not sure. Your trusted operating system is stable. It hasn’t let you […]