The VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone features offers you a broad range of capabilities and functionality on these style of phones. Some of the features include auto attendant, call forwarding, video conferencing, and voicemail. Most VoIP systems offer these services, but you can also select different feature plans depending upon your business needs, which will overall cost you around $25 to $50 per month.

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The VoIP phone system provides plenty of features in the different service plans. Some features are designed specifically for effective call management processes, while others are created to help the teams work more efficiently or to improve the customer experience. Below are some popular business VoIP phone features.

Top 8 Features of Business VoIP Phone

1. Call forwarding

Call forwarding is a useful phone feature that ensures that your customer’s call never goes neglected. When you are registered on your phone device, then the incoming calls are automatically diverted to another answering service or a designated mobile phone, making it a perfect solution for businesses that want to transfer their essential calls to voicemail.

2. Automated Attendant

 An auto-attendant answers the callers and diverts them to the department or right extension quickly, improving the overall customer experience. The automated attendant offers basic features like a small library that holds music options and pre-recorded messages. Auto-attendants are helpful for freelancers and solopreneurs that need an extra hand in answering phone calls.

Advanced auto-attendants provide more complex features, such as the ability to transfer calls to different phone numbers and customizable greetings. These are useful for call centers and large organizations that deal with a large number of call volumes.

3. On-Hold and Transfer

Call hold and transfer is a VoIP phone feature that most service providers offer. Once the caller is put on hold, you can quickly transfer them to another phone number or extension. Many phone systems provide the users with a feature of assisted transfer or blind transfer if the employee stays on the line to make sure that the call is received. It is a VoIP phone feature that every business will want to be included in their phone system if they have more than one employee in their company.

4. Call Recording

This VoIP feature allows business operators to record calls for quality assurance and training purposes. Calls may be recorded for specific numbers or extensions, depending on your business VoIP phone service provider. Most of the service providers offer a cloud storage space to save your recordings indefinitely or temporarily. Large organizations and call centers that receive plenty of customer calls will surely want this feature of call recording.

5. Caller ID

The feature of caller ID provides you the critical information about the caller before the call is attended, which includes the phone number and name. This phone feature is useful for auto-attendants to divert the calls to the assigned destination and block unknown or anonymous calls.

The feature of outbound caller ID allows the users to select any ID when placing an outbound call, which is essential for those who are using their mobile phones for work.

6. Call Screening

The feature of call screening provides the user’s control over which call to receive. Because of caller ID, users can decide whether to accept the call, decline it, or send it automatically to their voicemail. Some service providers offer a call block feature with pair call screening that allows the users to identify which call should be allowed to ring through. An essential feature for businesses that want to prioritize their calls while answering their phones.

7. Voicemail

The primary voicemail feature allows the callers to leave a message if the call is not answered, and notify the users that they have messages in waiting. Advanced voicemail features include transcription services and greetings that convert messages into text. Every company wants this VoIP phone feature to accommodate their customers who call after the office timings.

8. Call Flip

This VoIP phone feature allows the user to redirect the call from one device to another with a single press of a button without disconnecting the call. It is useful if your employee needs to switch to a desk phone, your mobile’s battery is about to die, or if you’re ready to leave the office.

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