Enterprise VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become the standard infrastructure for several business communication services. It comes with several benefits like scalability, flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings, which will continue to grow. 

As the development continues, it essential for you to know how your enterprise can use the VoIP to improve and expand your business operations. 

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In this article, we will discuss some essential trends related to enterprise VoIP.

4 Trends to Know About Enterprise VoIP System

1. Mobile UC: UC functionality and Expanded Mobile Integration

In the past few years, the diversity and popularity of mobile app usage have grown significantly because of the introduction of 5G technology and integrated or embedded apps across several mobile devices. Some of the apps mobilize the office and provide the users with rich VoIP and UC (Unified Communications) experience. 

Talking further, smartphones are only able to replace the traditional phone systems, as they can replicate all of their functionality. The significant trends will include additional meeting support, content sharing, and enhanced team collaboration. This is ultimately a natural result for increasing the number of UCaaS (unified communications as service) adoptions. 

Another popular enterprise VoIP trend related to mobile UC is known as “Continuity.” It is known as the ability to start a task on a particular device and forward it across the other device. For example, the ability to receive a call using a desk handset and then transferring it over a mobile device without disconnecting the call. 

Now, real-time continuity can be included for other UC implementations like content sharing, vide sharing, conferencing, and chat. Some of the products provide incredible feature sets that can be accessed through several devices. 

2. AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Advancement in VoIP services

AI is a fantastic trend, and can also be used in several ways to enhance the enterprise VoIP systems. For example, AI can be used to find and automatically repair the QoS (Quality of Service) issues caused due to latency or network issues. This technology can itself heal the network without any human involvement. 

It was developed to improve the unified communications apps like emails in real-time, and analyzing the speech patterns in voice conversations. The analysis generates essential insights into sales data and business trends, which results in better customer service and improved marketing efforts. 

This type of AI technology is in the prototype stage because the telecom developers are testing its implementation possibilities. 

AI is also increasing its ability to call answering through voice assistants. Improved language processing technology in voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, use the AI to learn from their user interactions. 

In an enterprise VoIP app, the voice robots can easily handle several inquiries for customer service and enable freeing up live agents and quicker issue handling to resolve the escalated issues. 

3. Replacing POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems)

Due to the aging infrastructure of old copper landlines, several telecom organizations are choosing the replace them with fiber cabling or are abandoning them to invest and focus on more internet-based (VoIP) and wireless phone networks. 

Forty-two million business users of the telecom industry will be subscribed to VoIP services, which is double the number of implementations done four years ago. As there is a need for digital voice, data, and video sharing increases among the enterprises, so the rate of VoIP deployments will no longer possess the technology to meet the requirements. 

4. Security is Still a Priority

 Exploiting the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in VoIP networks is not a new thing for cybercriminals. As the VoIP is gaining popularity, the number of attacks on VoIP has also been increased. Since VoIP transmits its calls through the same route that your network uses for other traffic and internet, the VoIP network can open your connection to exploitation and attack. 

It means the network security will be more vital, as the companies increase their use of wireless networks and VoIP. 

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