Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lets users make or receive phone calls using an internet connection instead of using a traditional landline or mobile phone to make calls. The sound is converted to digital packets and transferred just like other online data.

VoIP is not just useful to big companies. If you own a small business in California, you can get in touch with cheap VoIP service Studio City to boost your business.

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VoIP offers several advantages to small businesses. Some of the best benefits of using VoIP services are listed below:

7 Benefits of VoIP Services for Small Businesses

1. High-Quality Calling

VoIP services have advanced very much in technology, and when you call a person using it, he will not be able to tell if you’re calling from a landline phone or through VoIP. If we talk about quality. VoIP is even better than landlines or mobile phones.

Phone lines can be expensive and hard to install. On the other hand, VoIP is extremely easy to install and use. New users can be added easily, and it does not require too much maintenance.

2. Complete Portability

It is possible to use VoIP from anywhere if you have access to the internet there. You can use multiple devices to make phone calls, including your smartphone. Contact and stay in touch with your clients or colleagues while you are on vacation or away from your workplace.

VoIP has features that allow you to set your status as unavailable so that your colleagues know and don’t try to contact you. You can even transfer your customer’s call to a colleague without having to call from a new number or phone. 

3. Automatic Call Recording

VoIP has automatic call recording that saves all your calls. You can play back recorded calls, later on, to make sure you don’t miss out on any critical information. You can forward these calls to your colleagues in case you need to share anything with them.

Furthermore, you can review the call logs to know when a particular customer called. The records will help you determine the timings of the day during which you receive most calls from customers and the average time of your calls.

4. Very Cost-Effective and Affordable

A VoIP cuts down domestic and international call expenses as it uses a virtual number. All your customers and work partners can call you on this virtual number at the local rates. You won’t have to maintain separate networks for multiple phones.

If some employees of your company are travelling, VoIP helps to organize teleconferencing easily. You all can discuss future projects and exchange vital information instantly without having to meet in person. Lastly, VoIP services are less costly compared to traditional phones.

5. Scale VoIPs to Meet Demand

When you own a small business that is still growing, it is difficult to know how many phone lines you may need. When you create new departments or hire more employees, you also need to make sure that the communication system is appropriate.

You don’t need to physically install telephone lines in order to add a user to VoIP. It’s easy to install a line when a new user joins and when someone leaves, you can remove the line or assign it to someone else according to your requirements.

6. Increases Staff Productivity

VoIP enhances staff productivity as employees can hold virtual meetings, teleconference calls and make international calls easily and at a low price. Video conferencing allows for regular meetings and sharing of vital data swiftly between colleagues. 

Earlier, the quality of calling was not very good through VoIP, but now it is equal or even better than traditional calling. There is no lag or call dropping, and all big or small business prefer to use VoIP services. Moreover, it has many more features like call transfer and call forwarding for you to use.

7. Automatic Assistance

VoIP has automatic assistance feature which can be programmed by you to answer some frequently asked questions by your customers. Anyone who calls after office hours can get answers for basic questions like regular timings, holiday notifications, etc.

Customers will not feel rejected if they receive some information and will call you again on the next working day surely.

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