In a day when companies make big claims and deliver on a few of them, NetFusion is set apart as a business that brings value to our clients every day.

The people who make up our staff are some of the most industrious and caring individuals in the industry and work each day to elevate the business technology of the companies they serve so that they can experience effortless IT and become as productive as possible.

NetFusion offers a wide range of services that can be altered and customized to meet the demands of any technology-reliant business. Give us a call today at (323) 435-1318 or send an email to for an assessment of your current IT environment and to find out how we can streamline your IT to make you more productive and your company more profitable.

We deliver on our claims of secure, seamless IT Services through the following service options:

  • Managed Services – Every company that utilizes computers to meet their deadlines and make their quotas needs a full-menu service like IT Managed Services. Your company’s dependence on technology requires that it be rock-solid and reliable. This is where IT Managed services from NetFusion enter the picture. Our Managed Services offering ensures that your complete system functions the way it should, and continues to do so. Simply put, a Managed Services contract with NetFusion puts all of the IT work and headaches on the shoulders of our technicians so that you can do the work that only you can do.
  • Cloud ServicesThe cloud has become the modern answer to the question, “Where do I put all of my stuff, and will it be safe there?” The answers are, “Put it in the cloud, and yes, it will be safe.” Cloud services from NetFusion allow you to quit being concerned about backups and the security of your vital data and business-specific applications. Additionally, our NetFusion cloud services offering gives you IT advantages that were once only available to much larger corporations.
  • Business Continuity Services – Having a plan is always the biggest hurdle. After you have a plan, you only have to work through the steps of the plan, right? So, what if your business loses power for days or faces something more destructive like a fire or flood? What happens to all of your customer data and how will your employees continue to work? NetFusion has the answers to these important, business-success With a business continuity plan from NetFusion, your company will be able to weather the unexpected with little downtime and loss of productivity.
  • IT. Security Services Cyberattacks, hackers, ransomware, malware, and other technological strategies that criminals use to try to do damage to your business and to steal your hard-earned money can be thwarted with IT Security from NetFusion. All of your confidential customer information along with your proprietary data needs to be protected! The people of the company take data security very seriously and have come up with tried and true protocols along with cutting-edge technologies that will protect your business from cyber-criminals.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Services – Microsoft Office 365 is the latest iteration of a superb office productivity suite offered by Microsoft. This latest offering combines the office tools that you have come to love with the power, flexibility, connectivity, and collaboration made possible by the cloud. NetFusion has the expertise needed to migrate your email and office productivity systems from their current versions and providers to the new, superior Microsoft Office 365 solution.
  • vCIO Services – The right information from an informed person at the right time has given businesses the insight and leverage to move to the next plateau in their development. A NetFusion VCIO will take the time to get to know your business goals and workflow. With this information, we can give sound, forward-leaning suggestions regarding the incorporation of IT into your growth strategies.

Today could be the last day you EVER have to worry about your company’s business technology problems! Give us a call today at (323) 435-1318 or send an email to We look forward to your call.

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