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“Without process, it is just good intentions.”

We are proud to offer a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) for each one of our clients. A NetFusion vCIO functions in the same capacity as a conventional CIO—without the department overhead. Your vCIO will advise you as to the performance and efficiency of your business’s IT infrastructure, formulate strategic IT goals, analyze and make recommendations for best business practices, and facilitate necessary technology changes.

vCIO Services That Are On Budget and Virtually In-House

Your vCIO is an expert in IT infrastructure management and support—but they also provide advanced services that will improve the future performance of your current technology. For example, your vCIO will create a technology roadmap to identify innovative opportunities in technology to help you run your business more efficiently and with greater productivity and meet your business objectives.

Your NetFusion vCIO services will provide:

  •  IT budgeting advice and a three-year technology budget.
  • IT project planning and management specifically designed for your business needs.
  • The foresight to align IT infrastructure with your business objectives.
  • An insider’s take on current technology trends that could affect your business.

If your business doesn’t have its own IT department, a NetFusion vCIO consulting is a convenient and cost-effective way to obtain the benefits of an in-house IT manager who has your IT infrastructure development and overall business success as their top priority.

vCIO Audits and Best Practices

Your vCIO is responsible for reviewing your client’s quarterly audits to certify alignment with NetFusion’s best practices.

Netfusion’s best practices architecture draws upon industry standards by the SANS institute, is aligned with ISO 27001, and is complemented by 21 years of experience in IT management services. To ensure our client’s IT security, we enlist the help of a top-level professional information security firm.

  • ISO 27001 provides our customers with an information security management system (ISMS) framework made up of physical, legal, and technical data risk management policies and procedures.
  • The SANS Institute sets standards and training for IT service professionals in disciplines such as disaster and incident response, network defense, penetration testing, audit controls, and digital forensics.

During the quarterly audit process, your vCIO will collaborate with you regarding the information compiled during the audit. Your vCIO will evaluate the results and determine your IT infrastructure’s probability of downtime, vulnerabilities to a security breach, and overall security.

Why every MSP should have vCIO services?

Jeff Bezos famously said, “Good intentions never work, you need good mechanisms to make anything happen.” 

Managed service providers (MSPs) have emerged as a solid solution for many small businesses to bolster their IT support without breaking the bank. Essentially your MSP offers the same services as an in-house IT department with all the expertise and cost benefits of outsourcing included.

But an IT department without a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is rudderless. And so is a Managed service provider without a Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO). A virtual CIO alongside the MSP outlines the vCIO services. 

What is the vCIO Service?

This brings us to the aforementioned quote and the need for good mechanisms. Good mechanisms don’t just manufacture themselves. A vision is what defines the mechanisms that will be put in place. 

A vCIO will need a deep understanding of the business’s goals and objectives before implementing anything. A clear idea of the company’s trajectory allows the vCIO to formulate a strategic roadmap outlining how the firm will leverage technology to remain competitive.

By this definition, a virtual CIO for businesses will have to be a tech-savvy individual with a mind for business; how to stay competitive in an InfoTech world. Your vCIO is an expert in IT infrastructure management and support.

He provides the technology roadmap that best serves the IT needs of the client. That is the essence of what the vCIO service is. A technology roadmap of the overall vision and IT strategy of the company.

The vCIO service roadmap will be a living document in that it is continuously updated and serve as a tool to measure progress. It outlines the state and lifecycle of current infrastructure, possible future upgrades, the progress of approved projects, and the efficiency of the systems in place.

How should the vCIO service look?

Different MSPs may have differing ideas of what role the vCIO is supposed to fill; this may be due to the client’s needs.

The vCIO service includes but is not limited to:

IT budgeting advice including a forecasted year-over-year budget

Enhancing profitability is one of the main objectives of any vCIO service. This typically involves identifying inefficiencies in the current setup along with a cost analysis that fits the company’s budget and Return on Investment (ROI) objectives.

The foresight to align IT infrastructure with your business objectives

Your vCIOs expertise in IT infrastructure management and support means they are aware of technological trends and how best to stay competitive. How existing and new IT solutions can be geared towards optimal ROI and profitability.

IT project planning and management specifically designed for your business 

The vCIO service is nothing without a well-thought plan of action. Your vCIO will execute, monitor, and control his outlined vision for the company. He is in charge of managing risk and resources while communicating the vCIO service progress to management. All while addressing the scope, cost, and schedule baselines.

An insider’s take on current technology trends that could affect your business

Your vCIO is constantly on the lookout for new advancements in technology that can improve the company’s bottom line. They decide which IT tools will enhance your operations and implement them within the firm’s allocated budget.

Assessing the need for a vCIO service

Are you able to evaluate your company’s technological needs and come up with ideas to improve productivity and profitability? Are you able to take a proactive approach keeping up with current trends and seeing how they can fit within your organization? Who can take the ideas of your employees and vet them? If viable, who will implement them?

The business of a vCIO is to answer all the above questions and provide a suitable vCIO service of evaluation and implementation.

What do you need to look for in a vCIO?

A vCIO is typically provided by a managed service provider. So look for a managed IT services company with a proven track record. They need to have a wealth of human resources and knowledge that caters to all your IT infrastructure management needs.

Be wary of smaller or inexperienced firms who claim to offer vCIO services but instead provide glorified senior technicians. A vCIO needs to be a leader with IT and business strategy experience. 

Benefits Of A VCIO And Having A Well-Outlined VCIO Process

Small businesses without the resources to hire a C-suite executive can find solace in vCIO. The client pays only for the service they need. A good is a great asset to have in addition to an MSP. They steer the ship towards efficiency and profitability through a unique understanding of how technology fulfills a company’s needs.

With your NetFusion vCIO, you get the best of both worlds—a cost-effective, virtually in-house IT professional that has your business’s continued success as their highest priority. Call NetFusion today at (323) 435-1318 or email us at to learn more.

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